Poetry about death

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Lost soul

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 12, 2006 12:58 am    Post subject: Poetry about death Reply with quote

(( For some reason the Chat Log Formater didn't color the third/forth color chooser line input thingy even though I put darkred or red for Jedi ))

[Faction] Dragonram: Behold my macro of collapsingness.
[Faction] jediken21: !
[Faction] FrayJack: Omg!
[Faction] FrayJack: That pwns!
[Faction] jediken21: do it again!
[Faction] FrayJack: Behold my macro of clothes changiness!
[Faction] Dragonram: Kick me
[Faction] Dragonram: Just with the power of though there lol.
[Faction] Dragonram: go on, kick me.
[Faction] Dragonram: hmm
[Faction] Dragonram: Didn't work as well that time.
[Faction] FrayJack: rofl, My clothes are changing without me!
[Faction] Dragonram: Haha.
[Faction] Dragonram: I presseded too many times.
[Faction] FrayJack: I did too...
[Faction] Dragonram: Rather annoying...
[Faction] FrayJack: I'm still changing too...
[Faction] jediken21: rofl...
[Faction] Dragonram: Darn my affiliation for macros >.<
[Faction] FrayJack: lawl
[Faction] jediken21: RAWFUL LAWFUL!
[Faction] FrayJack: Mine stopped! Yay!
[Faction] FrayJack: nvm...
[Faction] Dragonram: Cool.
[Faction] Dragonram: I keep thinknig mines stopped then it changes and I cry.
[Faction] FrayJack: Everytime I get fooled that it stops...I die a little more inside...
[Faction] jediken21: Sad
[Faction] Dragonram: Fray really is emo...
[Faction] Dragonram: Hehe.
[Faction] Dragonram: I've posted something in the General section of our forums I'd like you guys' opinions on.
[Faction] FrayJack: "But I dooooooon't, need no frieeeeeeends. As long as I gaze on Waterloo Sunset, I am in paradiiiise"
[Faction] Dragonram: Just cause I'm a forum wh*re.
[Faction] jediken21: no fray NOOOO!
[Faction] Dragonram: "HAKUNA MATATA!!
[Faction] FrayJack: (Just died a little more inside btw)
[Faction] FrayJack: *checks the foru*
FrayJack: Forums*
[Faction] FrayJack: >.
[Faction] jediken21: must....resist.....the waterloo......SUNSET OMG I HAVE TO PLAY IT AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!
[Faction] FrayJack: "Everyday I look at the world from my window! But chily chily is evenin' time! But waterloo sunsets fine!"
[Faction] FrayJack: *just gave his opinion*
[Faction] Dragonram: What happened to Spacer?
[Faction] Dragonram: And wth my macro is still going >.<
[Faction] FrayJack: "Does it hurt to remember? Does it help to forget? Do you know what you started? When the fuse out of regret! Theres not a reason why! You've come undone! Theres nothing left to justify! This can't go on! Theres nothing left inside!"
[Faction] jediken21: fray stop! i beg u!
[Faction] FrayJack: Do you die a little inside when your macro continues?
[Faction] FrayJack: "Do ya still hear 'em screaming? And does the fear make you run? Is the anger inside of you, a gift from father to son?"
[Faction] jediken21: who meets who at waterloo station?
[Faction] FrayJack: Jenny and someone else...
[Faction] FrayJack: Shiiiiiiiiiiit...
[Faction] Dragonram: Yeah I die a little inside when my macro continues.
[Faction] jediken21: damnit! now i have to play it agaiN!
[Faction] FrayJack: We can be emo buddies! Very Happy
[Faction] Dragonram: Very Happy
[Faction] jediken21: can i be an emo buddy too?!!
[Faction] Dragonram: Not in a gay way or anything...I don't swing that far.
[Faction] FrayJack: Sure can! Just wear all black!
[Faction] Dragonram: lawl
[Faction] FrayJack: A what now Dragon?
[Faction] FrayJack: ...all black Jedi, thats white, that destroys the point of emo-ism
[Faction] jediken21: fray
[Faction] Dragonram: lawl...it's how the queen says "lol"
[Faction] jediken21: fray!
[Faction] FrayJack: Yo!
[Faction] jediken21: which shoes look better
[Faction] jediken21: these
[Faction] jediken21: or these?
[Faction] FrayJack: I dont conform with white...
[Faction] Dragonram: Neither they're white!! Totally not emo maaan.
[Faction] jediken21: fine...
[Faction] Dragonram: Haha.
[Faction] FrayJack: Dragonram totally hit the nail on the head there
[Faction] Dragonram: Eh?
[Faction] FrayJack: With the white thing :p
[Faction] Dragonram: Ah.
[Faction] Dragonram: Naturally I assumed it to be some sort of sexual inuendo.
[Faction] FrayJack: O.o
[Faction] FrayJack: Well...I can see why...
[Faction] Dragonram: OMG I'M SO STUPID.
[Faction] Dragonram: it's because you're so hot Fray Razz
[Faction] Dragonram: I forgot about the /cancel command...
[Faction] Dragonram: Stops all macros >.<
[Faction] FrayJack: Hey guys, want to go to the graveyard and write poetry about death?
[Faction] jediken21: *sigh* yes...
[Faction] Dragonram: I'd rather wallow in self pity.
[Faction] Dragonram: Fray I so want a copy of that Coat.
[Faction] FrayJack: You can wallow in self-pity in the poem too...
Ultmitae: whats going on here??!!
FrayJack: We're emo Sad
[Faction] Darkspacer: Come cheer up these Emo douchebags Wink
Ultmitae: lmao your telling me
Dragonram: Got any spare scissors?
Dragonram: Mine are all rusted in blood.
FrayJack: Yeah...
Ultmitae: ive got a pen and paper if you want to write a poem
Ultmitae: *throws down pen and paper
Dragonram: *cries* Oh why must I love him so much!!!
FrayJack: We were just going to head over to the graveyard to write poetry about death too...
Dragonram: *writes that down*
[Faction] FrayJack: We're all dead inside...
FrayJack: Wait...
[Faction] jediken21: yeah...
FrayJack: Your putting love in your poem?!
[Faction] Dragonram: You all think I'm ok but really I'm not.
Ultmitae: lol this is totally a "WTF" screenie
Dragonram: And how it ruins everything.
Dragonram: Love is stupid.
Ultmitae: ill edit out your names lol
Dragonram: Haha.
FrayJack: Say something about your love makes me want to gouge out my eyes.
Dragonram: Already have.
FrayJack: Or...rather your conformist love.
Dragonram: My papers all soggy from tears...
[Faction] Darkspacer: Well I got things to do gang. Sleep mostly
Ultmitae: lol ok see you guys later, whatever blood you spill be sure to clean up after, k guys
jediken21: I stabed my paper Sad
Dragonram: Bye...
[Faction] Dragonram: *wails*
Dragonram: *wails*
jediken21: Another man gone from my life...
[Faction] Dragonram: ROFL you stabbed your paper.
Ultmitae: haha this is to funny shit
Ultmitae: write about me in your poems!
FrayJack: Shits not funny...thats a conformist atitude...
Dragonram: *cries*
FrayJack: ...conformist...
jediken21: *snifle*
FrayJack: Hey, Jedi...read out your poem...
jediken21: Lora, why did you call me gay and spit in my face, i want to cut myself and dress in lace....
Dragonram: *cries* It's too much!
FrayJack (shouting): Dragon!
FrayJack: Emo's dont jump!
Dragonram: I'll jump!
Dragonram: I swear I'll jump!
FrayJack: We cut!
Dragonram: Goodbye cruel world!!!
FrayJack: Here...you can have my razor!
FrayJack (shouting): NO!
jediken21: NOOOOO!
jediken21: *sobs*
[Faction] Dragonram: cool.
jediken21: why!
FrayJack: Wanna go write poems about Dragonram?
jediken21: Im going to go...now theres nothing in my life worth living for...
jediken21: *steps on the edge*
FrayJack: Don't!
FrayJack: I can loan you my razor!
[Faction] Dragonram: You guys coming down?
[Faction] Dragonram: Haha dude your like directly above me
FrayJack: I cant live like this!
[Faction] jediken21: shit....i had codebits.... rez lol?
[Faction] Dragonram: ROFL
[Faction] Dragonram: You're in mid air"!!!
[Faction] Dragonram: We cant reach you.
FrayJack: Why must life be so bad!
[Faction] jediken21: im on the ground...
[Faction] Dragonram: No you ain't.
[Faction] jediken21: my face is smashed into the pavement...
FrayJack: Poems about death just wont work!
[Faction] Dragonram: Not on my screen.
[Faction] jediken21: fray, where do u see me?
[Faction] Dragonram: Slit your throat and die already Fray.
[Faction] FrayJack: Halfway up the building.
FrayJack (shouting): WHY!
FrayJack: Oh man...*takes his razor from his pocket*
FrayJack: I guess we can be emo together once we're all dead...
[Faction] Dragonram: I gotta go once I reconstruct.
FrayJack: *begins to cut horizontally on his wrist*
[Faction] Dragonram: Tis getting late.
[Faction] Dragonram: Dude this whether is so emo.
FrayJack: Wait! I forgot, up the street...not across...
FrayJack: *slices up his arm*
[Faction] Dragonram: lol
[Faction] jediken21: seriously dude....jsut die
[Faction] Dragonram: Across the jugular!
FrayJack: OH GOD! I can feel my emptyness pouring through my arm!
FrayJack: Death isnt coming fast enough!
FrayJack: *slices jugulars*
[Faction] Dragonram: Fray is far too good at this..
[Faction] Dragonram: LAWL
[Faction] jediken21: pwnt.

(( I cut out everything that wasn't related to emoism, and I left the part at the start because that led up to the emoism, although I think I missed alot of places so...bleh ))
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Ananova Captain

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 12, 2006 11:01 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

ah the emo-ness, kinda fills you with despair and resentment for life really.

i think i have a few poem things somewhere, i wrote them cause i was hideously depressed one night at uni.
oh and fray,

*slices jugulars*
, you only have the one jugular

"To live is to dream and to die is to awaken"
(> <)o
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Antares Crewmember

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 12, 2006 12:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Haha that was so funny. I have a 6 page "emo" poem lol I was real depressed one time. I'll post it up or something in the futura. Razz

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Faction Leader,
Antares Captain

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 12, 2006 3:42 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The only thing emo I know is "The ribbon on my wrist says: Do not open before Christmas."
And that's taken from a FallOutBoy-song, so no, I'm not really emo.

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Lost soul

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 12, 2006 8:10 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Oh god ... quick, Tax, give me CAKE!
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