Faction Uniform

Let’s face it: The Glitch Society looks damn cool. This is in part down to our lovely faction uniform, which we wear for special occasions or if we’re trying to draw attention to ourselves. All members need the uniform, so have a look below for the items it’s made of.

The uniform
Male Female
Fedora Headgear Enhanced Black Beret
None Eyewear Black Brezza Sunglasses
Armored Black Jayne Half-Duster Highcollar Outerwear Black Milleri Greywick Silk Tailcoat
Purple Machello Patterned Vest Combo Shirt Enhanced Magenta Sif Open Corset
Black Plain Slacks Trousers Black Baal Vinyl Pants
Lucien Dress Shoes Footwear Coal Arasaki Leather Boots
Male uniform
None of the items can be bought, but shoes and trousers/pants are often dropped by weaker gangs. Procurator and RockyB can sort you out with any items you don’t have.
Female uniform
To the best of my knowledge, none of these items can be bought either. You can get them off BitType or Procurator.

In either case, only the items listed are part of the uniform: gloves, masks or eyewear (in the case of the male uniform) are not acceptable!

When to Wear It

The uniform is primarily there to help us stand out in a crowd. Therefore it should be worn in the following instances:

  • During meetings with other factions or senior members of the Machine organisation (eg Agent Gray);
  • When we’re having a recruitment drive and are hanging around hardlines looking for new members;
  • As much as possible during live events (official or player-driven).

Needless to say, if combat is ever required in any such instance, you can switch immediately to your battle clothes. Macros are great for switching clothes at a moment’s notice.


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