Playing Guidelines

This page details some guidelines about playing that all members of the Glitch Society should follow. While not as important as the actual rules, following this guide will help the faction run a lot smoother and will make taking part a lot more fun!


Roleplaying – the act of really pretending to be your character when playing the game – is a big part of TGS. In the interests of harmony among the members of this faction and others, please observe the following.

When to Remain in Character

By this I mean when you pretend to be your Redpill self (as opposed to the dude behind the keyboard). Try to be in character (IC) as much as possible, especially when in conversation with other factions or in area chat. You should always be in character during Live Events.

Faction chat is now considered IC. OOC (out of character) chatter is of course still allowed (!), but this should be properly highlighted through the use of brackets. E.g. (( like this )) or ( like this ).

As for the forums, try to remain IC as much as possible. See this thread (members only): Where to be In-/Out-of-Character.

Crew Roles/Backstory

This site has a crew roster with one page for each crew. I would like each of you to write a short report about yourselves and supply me (Procurator) with a good photo as well. Thus I shall be able to construct pages like the roster for the crew of the Novalis II.

What’s more, in order to give us a meaningful structure, every crew member will have a position aboard their ship. Aside from the obvious Captain and First Mate, the following positions will be available:

  • Pilot;
  • Navigator;
  • Medical officer;
  • Flight-frame engineer;
  • Reactor engineer;
  • Life systems engineer;
  • Communications engineer;
  • Support engineers.

The First Mate also assumes the role of the crew’s Machine Liaison, if you think your hovercraft needs one. I’ll leave it up to the captains to assign these positions to their underlings. You can make up a profile for your hovercraft’s operator as well if you want, but no actual player can be the operator, for obvious reasons.

It’ll also help if everyone keeps their captains updated with their current level and mission load-out (eg Proxy Technician).

Hopefully captains can arrange a time at which a crew photo can be taken. I understand this may be difficult, so I’m not expecting them any time soon.

Extent of the Roleplaying

Now, I’m not expecting everyone to start writing tons of fan fiction, or to create religious organisations devoted to worshipping the Architect or something daft like that. As long as the use-of-character guidelines above are followed, it’s up to you to decide how deep you want to get into this whole roleplay thing. Certain factions from Linenoise have huge backstories, so I imagine you may get a little bogged down in all of it. Seriously, don’t worry: we can ignore all that stuff if we want to, if we feel it’s a little too much (as long as we respect it).

We could give our faction a backstory, we could build ties to other RP factions, or we could just stay in character during events: it’s really up to you. Just as long as everyone agrees and doesn’t cause any continuity errors in each other’s stories.

Player versus Player Combat

This is now done somewhat freely. There is no longer a ship dedicated to PvP. This has two implications:

a) Everyone is subject to our RP. You’re still free to control how much you get into it, but you must respect other RP’ers and use the proper OOC protocols.

b) Anyone may engage in PvP. When doing so, however, remember any IC ceasefires we may have with other factions.


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