Crew of the HvCFT Ananova

The Ananova is the newest craft in The Glitch Society. Specially designed for managing the newest recruits of the society, it serves its purpose well

Lorellei – Captain, Recruitment Officer

Bluepill name:
Neuro-kinetic level:

Woken after what is referred to as ‘Beta’, lorellei first started to work for the Machines as a member of The Mercury Network, although kept in the dark she still managed to help out at critical times. Although not much can be remembered about her time in TMN but it came to an abruptive halt after one meeting in 01 there was no reply from any of the crew members, then and still believed to be dead.

Being allowed to jack in from 01 eventually lost its appeal and decided that it was time to find a new group, make anew. So stealing a hovercraft and weapons, travelled away from 01 and towards zion.

Reaching Zion, she was recruited by a faction ‘The Knights Who Say Ni’, although a Morpheus respective group they never inquired about her origins. Over the time spent with them, lorellei’s view started to change, she began to respect Morpheus, and still does today.

Through the time spent in KWSN, lorellei became a respected member and at the time when the factions leader passed on the role of leadership, lorellei became second in command of the faction and with her own ship Dark and Twisted. After some time, she was removed from duty for psychological screening, after events involving 2 cypherites and several sharp impliments. Leaving her ship in the hands of her FM, she returned to zion for medical leave.

Unfortunately something occured with all ships of the faction, all were lost, to her research there appeared to be only one other survivor, Pyralis, FM to the flagship, unfortunately unable to explain what had occured, incidents followed and this information is now preferable not to be released.

A few months ago however lorellei was shocked to find that Halfbaker, the Knights leader had survived. After meeting with him, he supplied lorellei with the data and information to what had actually occurred… turned out it was correct that several ships had been destroyed. All though some members had survived there was no trace of them within zion or the system.

  1. extra information to be added, once data in finalised#

Sermyn – Crewmember

Bluepill name:
Leo Sertess
Kung-Fu/ Network Hacker
Neuro-kinetic level:

Sirez – Communications Engineer

Bluepill name:
Taylor Cartwright
Neuro-kinetic level:


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