Crew of the HvCFT Alteration

RockyB – First Mate

Bluepill name:
Daniel Robson
Not provided
Neuro-kinetic level:

‘Remind me to get you a tattoo that says “Serial Ass-Kicker” for your next birthday.’

– Hovercraft Operator

It does not take the sight of the shadows grief and sorrow have left in this operatives’ eyes to tell that he is tormented by inner demons. The careworn face has a rough, cracked exterior and yet, when he smiles, as often he does, the lines melt into one another to form a warm, friendly countenance.
When the Zionist extraction team found him, RockyB was face down in a gutter, muttering softly about angels. When they looked upon the wretched career alcoholic they had been sent to collect the mission was nearly aborted, but thankfully the compassion of one crewmember shone through, and he was dragged to the nearest extraction point.
Once he realised the truth behind the Matrix’s façade he threw himself into his labours. In Zion he cleaned up, and started working through the trainee material at a ferocious pace. His teachers were amazed – and even more amazed when the young trainee walked out the door an hour before his final exams, giving the examiners the finger and throwing over his sholder the cryptic line ‘I’m going to meet my destiny – at the place where angels live.’
Over the next few months the young Operative wandered alone, until he chanced upon the hovercraft Exogenous Members lying, apparently inert, on the surface of the scorched earth. Boarding to see if there was anybody alive on the tiny craft, he found just one: ImmortalViper, the captain. After arousing the man, he learnt that the Exogenous Members had been assaulted by a rogue craft. Directed by the wounded captain, he guided the crippled craft back to Zero-One where the hovercraft’s pads gave one dying gasp before failing utterly, a gesture echoed by its master, ImmortalViper. As he stumbled from the lifeless hulk, RockyB found himself surrounded by members of The Glitch Society – he had found a home.
Fast forward a few years, and RockyB had risen to the position of First Mate aboard the largest hovercraft in the fleet, the Algorithm. Then on the eve of his captain’s wedding, horror struck. D4sh was abducted. RockyB tortured himself throughout the harrowing episode and, when finally d4sh was rescued, confessed his feelings to the faction leader. He claimed that he had not done enough; he had failed his leader, and could no longer continue as first mate. Saddened by his friend’s choice, but respectful of his wishes, d4sh gave him command of his own hovercraft and told him to go forth and recruit new members for The Glitch Society.
In the weeks of black depression that followed RockyB christened his new ship the Polydectes, after the Grecian king who was turned to stone by the Gorgon’s head he had so lusted after. Soon, however, the mood lifted and he set forth to find the brightest and most talented of the new Redpill generation, to recruit them to the angels’ cause.
[RockyB has his own data repository for your viewing.]


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