Resources for Faction Members

This page is a starting point for everything a member of The Glitch Society should need to know about their faction. Obviously I’d hope the site contains everything you need to know, so if there’s something missing, do tell me and I’ll get it sorted as soon as possible.

Faction Headquarters
We have an HQ in Richland, believe it or not. Check out this page to find out who works there and how you can get to it.
Faction Uniform
The Glitch Society likes to look smart for special occasions. Everyone needs the uniform, so have a look here to see what makes us the sexiest faction in the Matrix.
Roleplaying & PvP Guidelines
We’ve got common guidelines for how to relate to roleplaying and Player versus Player combat. This includes details on keeping your crew summary up-to-date for the site.
Code of Conduct & Further Guidelines
Our official Code of Conduct by which all members must abide, plus with some guidelines for getting along well in the faction.
Chat Log Formatter
Have a chat log from a meeting or encounter you want to share with people, but don’t want to post all that horrid, time-stamped nonsense? Shove it through this tool and make it presentable! It has a wide variety of options to get your transcripts looking just right.
Ability Trees
A damned useful spreadsheet containing all the ability trees in the game, including the names, icons and required memory space of each ability in the proper layout. Perfect for printing out for reference! In Microsoft Excel format, weighing in at 734 KiB.


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