TheTaxidermist’s Journal

In-character Subject: Mind War
Submitted: 2007-2-8 05.13

In your hovercraft, you may be a malnourished, warmth starved weed of a man, but provided your mind is in good enough shape you’ll jack in to find yourself at the peak of physical fitness. Sporting a six-pack, stylish hairdo and maybe even a rugged action-beard to boot.

It’s a widely accepted fact about the nature of the matrix, that how you think dictates how you can look, as well as fight. Those able to alter their mind with surgical like precision have the option to look however they please and, unlike the cosmetic surgery of the old days, it can serve a greater purpose than the mere superficial.

Case in point, these guys:

ribbed for her pleasure

When everything you experience is all in your head, everything is affected by the mind. Convential warfare at its basic level goes out the window. It all becomes psychological. Even bullets and knives. They only hurt because your brain still can’t accept that it’s a virtual projectile, passing through your artificial body. This is another widely known fact about the nature of the matrix. Where does appearence come in?

Take a look at the elite commando again. It has an almost sinister appearence, the all over black bodysuit covers the face, they never seem to talk, and that single red goggle lens is sure to keep you unnerved. It’s psychological warfare again. This time in the more traditional form. It’s the same for any other exile. Not only their clothes, but also their entire body is made to look a certain way so it gives out the message they want it to.

War, in this world, is fought exclusively using preconceptions.


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