TheTaxidermist’s Journal

In-character Subject: Unity
Submitted: 2007-3-25 16.49

The air is a buzz within the machinist community right now. Anyone on the ‘no blue pill’ side of the fence is in a state of optimistic excitement over Vogt’s brainchild, the declaration of independance.

It’s more or less a show of hands for others to see. A list of who’s not happy about the official stance of co-operation with the masked organisations. Everyone wishing to show their support is asked to add an ‘I agree’ to the list. There’s a lot of pressure on ship to sign it. But I don’t think it’s something I can do.

I’m no less uncomfortable about working with the cypherites either. They have a clearly defined goal which is in clear contradiction with my goals, and the goals of The Glitch Society. Not to mention what they did to Procurator, who has to face up to their betrayal on a daily basis. He and a lot of others are much more eager to separate themselves from the masked, and it’s understandable why.

In the gathering Edmund held with us when he shared his idea, he started by emphasising the need for unity. Unity, presumably in adding our names to the declaration. I’m interested in unity too. But I try to look at the bigger picture.

Humanity and the Machine race have been united longer than machines were sentient, and it would be wrong to say the union has been amicable at all times. But for the first time in centuries the oppurtunity for us to be tied together by more than just necessity has presented itself.

This relationship is present on smaller scales too. Despite radical differences the masked and the rest of the machinists are tied together, partly because the work we do with the machines, but also because people will make that assosiation because of that common ground. Skepticism is already building around the declaration in Zionist circles. In the end they may make their own decisions no matter what we declare.

There’s also the division within the non-cypherite machinists about working with the cypherites. And this organisation is already heavily divided, the tension can be felt between factions and it’s uncomfortable. It’s also a highly un co-operative situation, and as an organisation we can’t afford to be stalling in disagreements.

In the end, I chose not to sign it because of the ripples it’s made. The controversy it’s spawned and the gap it has put between factions, machinists and those in Zion. On the whole it just doesn’t feel good for Unity.


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