Skunkgirl’s Journal

In-character Subject: Back into the real world
Submitted: 2009-8-1 00.00

:// Connection Terminated
cmd:connect instance:syntax
:// Error Syntax Instance not found
cmd:connect scan:all
:// No Instances found
:// Logging out of terminal
:// Logged out
:// Terminal Shutting Down

Selena watched as the connection terminal flickered off, she sat back in her old bunk not really all too sure what had just happened, although she was sure that she had just seen the end of the matrix it had not clicked fully that it was the last time she would see many of her friends and companions. She got up slowly with a little swish of her hair and walked out of her room looking around to see that all of the other terminals contained the same messages, even the central console of the ship showed no matrix code streaming down the screen. With a little sigh she turned and headed to the bridge, her head lowered as she finally caught the gravity of the situation. The matrix was no more, an entire world whiped out in a blink of an eye, it made her wonder what would happen to all of those that had not been extracted from the matrix.. had they passed away with it.. or did they get freed? Only time would tell what the future held for their world.. but she was willing to work hard in order to keep up her work as the navigator and the upgrade expert of the bridge systems.

Her eyes shown in the dim lights of the bridge as the hovercraft flew threw the tubes back towards their docking station, her course had been lain out before she jacked into the matrix for the last time. A press of a button activated the beacons that would guide them back, another button turned on the detection nodes along the top of the hover craft as well as the bottoms and sides to watch for any obstructions that may have happened while they were jacked in. She then turned and walked out of the bridge trusting the auto pilot to return them home, she returned to her room and laid next to her husband resting her head on his chest as he slept. Her mind reeled a bit before she closed her tearful eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep.


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