Procurator’s Journal

In-character Subject: Holidays Have No Meaning
Submitted: 2007-2-7 01.10

I apologise to those few who regularly follow my exploits within the Matrix and without, as I’ve been somewhat lax on the submission of entries to my public journal. Not to say that this hasn’t been for a good reason, but nevertheless… I shall endeavour to fill in the blanks, so to speak, as I have a number of personal journal entries which I might be able to make available for public viewing. Seeing as they aren’t exactly mission critical anymore.

However, one thing that cannot have avoided everyone’s attention is the fact that I was given the rank of Chief Archivist to the faction. What this entails is that I now manage their data repository; not only the inter-hovercraft data network we maintain but also the public branch of that same network. The very means by which you’re reading this passage.

This task has unfortunately proven to be somewhat arduous. When I took over the system it was in a state of considerable disarray, and it’s taken me this long to even get the journal system working correctly. Mind you, most of the work to make this happen was in the repository’s sub-systems, so with this task accomplished, other systems should magically appear over the next few weeks.

No guarantees, though.

It’s for this very reason that I’ve taken to avoiding my Matrix duties for long spells at a time. Agent Gray understands, of course: he appreciates the necessity of a well maintained faction facility! He’s probably also hoping I can distribute the system to other factions, but we’ll see about that.

Oh, yeah, and I’m also now second-in-command of the faction. Not that it matters much when I’m stuck in my study hunched over a keyboard.


If you see this box, please inform the Chief Archivist, quoting the error messages below and the URL to the page you were accessing.

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