Procurator’s Journal

In-character Subject: Diversion
Submitted: 2007-3-9 15.56

I hate it when something like this happens. I mean, as a captain it’s naturally my responsibility to look after my crew, but the fact that I took this position because the previous captain was (supposedly) killed along with a large proportion of the Mainframe’s original crew makes things like this harder to bear. I tend to worry more than I should. My nerves are bad enough already what with the recent Cypherite activity: it brings up bad memories. Still, at least the majority of Machinists are now of like mind with regards to the Masked threat. I couldn’t say the same a few months ago.

Gookin’s been an excellent first mate since I promoted him, and I’m sure his ability will continue to shine through for many months – if not years. Having said that, I think it’s right that I take some time out to have a proper sit-down with him. I confess I’ve neglected our friendship for a while, due (I like to think) to our differing views with regards to Aiyalla. I have noticed that he’s been on edge for some time, and though his recent near-death experience has hopefully put things into perspective for him, I’d better make sure. At least let him know that, despite the few things that have come between us, I’m here for him.

Come to think of it, I’ve recently come into some intelligence regarding the Stalingrad operation – apart from the fact that the Machines have called my program the ‘Procurator Virus’ instead of the name I’d coined, I mean. Yes. I’ve got a little trip planned that may help take Gookin’s – and indeed the crew’s – mind off recent incidents.


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