Procurator’s Journal

In-character Subject: Stalingrad
Submitted: 2007-2-17 09.01

Well now, looks like I still have that ol’ programming magic.

The General has, as you all know, been a terrific thorn in our sides for some time now, not helped by Niobe and her original willingness to allow Zion operatives to train his Commandos in urban combat. Most recently, however, he’s kidnapped Sati and got everyone a bit riled up. About time to get rid of him, you might think!

The Machines had the same idea, so we’ve been doing our best to follow the Commandos and work out how they get in and out of the Matrix. Eventually we managed to work out how they use these ‘access nodes’ of theirs, which the Commando programs use to transfer themselves out of the Matrix and back into their Sentinel bodies in the Real. Yeah, it’s finally been confirmed: the Commandos are the RSIs of the Sentinel army that attacked Zion at the supposed end of the current Matrix-Zion cycle, and the General is their leader, supremely pissed off at having had his attack called off by Zero-One at the last moment.

My services were required by Agent Gray (speaking through our liaison Edmund Vogt, of course) last week in developing a worm able to navigate through the Commandos’ network and trace where the Sentinel programs keep disappearing to when they leave the Matrix. Other known programmers within our ranks were given the same task, but my program was found to be the most effective. Mere hours later it was distributed to Machinist operatives throughout the Matrix who initiated a large scale attack on the Commandos’ access nodes.

The ‘Red Army Virus’, as I’ve decided to call it, successfully returned data on the General’s base of operations, a location nicknamed ‘Stalingrad’. Sentinels loyal to Zero-One were despatched to attack this location, but I have not yet heard any news regarding the success of the operation. No doubt this will not mean the end of the General and his army – nothing’s ever that simple nowadays – but we’re a lot closer now then we’ve ever been.

I’ve been awarded a coveted System FM-1500 Magnum for my efforts, but I’m more pleased at having been able to prove myself once more to Agent Gray. After the failure of the supersimulacrum over a year ago, I’m afraid he’s looked on me with whatever he can muster in the way of contempt.

Oh, wait! I haven’t explained about the supersim yet, have I? Ah, now that’s an interesting tale…


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