Procurator’s Journal

In-character Subject: Preparing for Battle
Submitted: 2007-9-15 13.18

Well, tonight’s the night. Prolimit’s, uh, summoned us for a confrontation in an hour or so, and I think this is our last chance to execute the plan. Prolimit expects a fight, but he won’t be expecting this.

I’ve been practicing with the extraction routines for weeks. I reckon I’ve got this down to a tee; I’d better have. The fragments will be provided, and Draggy’s ready to do his part.

And we aren’t the only ones who’ve been busy: Prolimit seems to have been recruiting an army. I’ve heard reports of his virus spreading somehow, and ex-Cypherite ViralMarauder’s in the thick of it. I’m not sure of the details, but Prolimit has some sort of hold over him. Actually, I had an e-mail from him a few minutes ago. Says he’s free of the virus, but I don’t believe that. He extricates himself from Prolimit’s greasy fingers on the day Gookin is to be fought over? That’s too big a coincidence.

Of course, we have our own army. People rallying in aid of Gookin… It’s an awesome sight. Let’s just hope it’ll be worth it.

I haven’t enjoyed the past few weeks. I’d be mulling around in the Matrix, doing what I do best, and every now and then we’d see Gookin pop up. He’s in a right state. Keeps saying sorry, despite none of this being his fault. And he keeps asking me to pull the damned plug! I know the situation he’s in, but he doesn’t seem to have much faith. When this is all over with and he’s recovered, he’s gonna get toilet duties for a month, just for being a wet blanket.


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