Lorellei’s Journal

In-character Subject: Moving On 1.2
Submitted: 2007-3-3 14.33

##Individual Log: Algorithm
##Date: 03 March 2007 (Simulation Time)
##Log by: Lorellei, Maintenance officer

Well, I’ve been here about a year, maybe longer, I dunno, seem to have lost track of time, let’s just go with sometime since the loss of my ship, my crew, my friends… but that’s all behind me now, I have these guys.

Much has happened to me since I joined TGS, but recently things have been occurring that are weirder to what’s occurring within the simulation. People have been giving me funny looks, especially D4sh. I dunno why, but it’s just… well creepy to be honest with you. I haven’t felt like this since I was back working with Zion, every member of my crew watching me like a hawk, making sure I didn’t mess up on the first day of Captainship, scares the hell out of me.

Really makes me wonder though, I dunno, perhaps I’m being kept under observation for something, wonder what though… maybe perhaps its about that ammo case in my cabin… might have to put it back, there goes my element of surprise against things here in the real.

Well then, better get things sorted, 1) Put this case back 2) realise its just normal paranoia, it’ll subside eventually… better had, or knowing my luck I’ll end up like Seral, a gibbering wreck.

Oh well.

##Transmission End.


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