Lorellei’s Journal

In-character Subject: Moving on 1.7
Submitted: 2007-3-5 11.54

##Individual Log: Algorithm
##Date: 05 March 2007 (Simulation Time)
##Log by: Lorellei, Maintenance Officer

Ok, its really getting to me now, even within the damn simulation I get the feeling that theyíre all watching me i’m even thinking the damn operator is just staring at the code knowing what d4sh knows.

Passing through Tabor earlier, even though heís dancing, theres some idea going through his head, like I said last timeÖ creepy.

I recently decided to have a sit down and think about things, I always find it easier to think in the old KWSN building, entering that office, kinda brings back memories, I sometimes wonder what actually happened to themÖ hmm, Iím going off topic.

Oh, turns out it wasnít that ammo case, people didnít notice it missing, so this pushes the question of, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON, I’ve even been asking around aswell, turns out that people either know nothing or they’re being secretive.

I tell you, if I donít find out soon, I swear to Deus Ex, Iím gonna shoot someone.

##Transmission End.


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