Gookin’s Journal

In-character Subject: Confessions II
Submitted: 2007-7-18 01.59

Gookin had been relentlessly searching for the fragments, and finally, he had all but one. Soon, his nightmare would be over… he hoped.

A few things had been preying upon the young First Mate’s mind. Would the program ever leave him? Will it cause any damage when it is extracted? What if they can’t get it out and it takes complete control?

Gookin had figured out a way in which he could control when to turn the program on and off. He had to have one of the shotgun fragments with him, sort of like a focus. Still, the shotgun was almost complete, and Gookin had one person left to tell about the program.

It wasn’t like he hadn’t tried to tell Procurator. Everytime, he was about to do it, something would happen and the moment would pass. Now that there was only one fragment left, Gookin had decided he would tell his Captain tonight!

Gookin had jacked in early and was sitting at a bench in Tabor West plaza when a familiar figure appeared next to him. She blew him a kiss, but his mind was elsewhere.

FlareSim01: Gook, pay attention or I’ll have to wiggle your jack!

Gookin jumped! That was one voice he didn;t expect to hear apart from over the phone.

Gookin: Flare! What on earth?

Flare explained to her First Mate that Procurator had built her a simulacra in order for her to interact with people inside the Matrix. Gookin settled into his usual self and taunted her, as per usual, by saying that Procurator must’ve played around with the chest size.

She blushed and then Gookin changed pace completely. He asked his operator to fetch Procurator and for him to meet the FIrst Mate atop the Machine building.

Flare was gone right away. The sim shut down and Gookin made his way to the top of the tallest building in Tabor West.

He was looking over the balcony into the distance deep in thought when, *THUMP*, Procurator landed next to him.
Procurator: Alrigh’ Gookers?
Gookin: Well that’s one way to make an entrance.
Procurator: Pure luck, if I’m honest.
Gookin:You weren’t followed, were you?
Procurator: Nah. There were some Masked by the hardline, but they didn’t budge.
Gookin: Good. I need to tell you something. Something important.
Procurator: H’mm, okay. Is it about that shirt you’re wearing? It’s horrid.
Gookin: Flare seemed to like it.
Procurator: Huh, since when was her taste any good? She wears green, for God’s sake.
Gookin: But anyway, Proc, I’m… I’m in trouble.
Procurator: Say what?
Procurator: What do you mean, in trouble?
Gookin: You remember when I had my incident, with the Lupine?
Procurator: How could I forget?
Gookin: It didn’t end that day.
Procurator: How do you mean? I wouldn’t be surprised if you had nightmares about it or something.
Gookin: It’s more than nightmares, hell I wish this was a nightmare.
Gookin: The Agents found fragments of the shotgun scattered around the system.
Procurator: Oh for pity’s sa-… It wasn’t destroyed?
Gookin: THe Merovingian spread them amongst his lieutenents.
Gookin: Proc, I was sent to retrieve the fragments.
Procurator: What?! That doesn’t sound like a clever idea. They should have got someone else to do that.
Procurator: And what did the fragments even mean?
Gookin: If the Merv managed to reunite the fragments he could recreate the shotgun and, therein, the power of the lupine.
Procurator: And he’d go after you again, eh?
Procurator: What’s his problem?
Gookin: Not his, the Merovingian.
Gookin: But there’s more.
Procurator: Go on…
Gookin: You’re not gonna like it, but, in order for me to be able to survive the lieutenents, The Machines allowed me the power to kill them.
Procurator: What power? You’re already a tough fighter.
Gookin: Proc, they recreated the unlimit code, but improved it and they… they needed a test subject!
Procurator: …
Procurator: Excuse me? Unlimit code?!
Procurator: You had a vial?
*Gookin looks down at his feet.*
Gookin: No, it was implanted directly into my RSI.
Procurator: Ah. So they were able to control it then.
Gookin: Not they… me.
Gookin: A few days after it was implanted, the program began to take over.
Gookin: You noticed a change in my behaviour.
Procurator: Well, yeah, okay, you could contro-… Take over?
Gookin: It almost took complete control.
Procurator: I… guess I noticed some irregularities. Wait, that day at Tabor North. Did that have anything to do with this?
Gookin: Yes.
Procurator: Woah, wait. Then d4sh knew what you were up to?
Gookin: Dash knows everything.
Procurator: How long has he known?
*Procurator crosses his arms at you.*
Gookin: A few months.
Gookin: Please don’t be mad. I tried to tell you, and I had to finish this. It… it was my responsibilty!
Procurator: Jesus, Gook. So what’ve you been doing all this time? Running around with a cheat code killing exiles for pieces of shrapnel?
Procurator: And what’s this code done to you?
Gookin: It’s… made me into a monster.
Gookin: When it is running, I kill everthing in sight.
Procurator: Even now? Isn’t it over? Don’t you have the pieces?
Gookin: I have all but one.
Gookin: But I don’t know what will happen after I give the machines the shotgun. The program could comsume me before they can remove it.
*pixelmad is in The Matrix.*
Procurator: Well, now, I’ve had a little experience of errant programs in one’s RSI.
Gookin: Yes, I should have remembered that. I should have trusted your judgement more Proc.
Procurator: Well, I-… Look man, I messed up a few weeks ago with Aiyalla, the killcode and all that, so I’m hardly the most appropriate person to talk to about trust.
Procurator: But yeah, you should have told me months ago, when we could have sorted it out before it came to this.
Gookin: Proc, I need to ask you a favour.
Procurator: Anything, man. I want this program kicked in the mivonks.
Gookin: If it consumes me, before they get it out, I need you to… pull my jack.
Procurator: Oh, please…
Procurator: It won’t come to that.
Gookin: It might. It’s a BETA program. We don’t know what will happen. I need you to promise me that you’ll do it!
Procurator: But I-…
Gookin: Please Proc.
Procurator: We won’t need to! Look, we’ll find a way to keep you in a coma or something, so we can get the program out and keep you safe.
Gookin: No.
Procurator: Why not?
Procurator: That’s bound to work!
Gookin: As long as I am alive, if the program is not out. Then my mind is a rogue agent. It will kill everything that it comes close to.
Procurator: Yeah, but if you’re not actually in the Matrix? If you’re not conscious, it can’t do anything. Right?
Gookin: You have to realise that this thing is in my head and it can affect me in the real.
Procurator: God blast it! Who told you to use this code anyway?
Gookin: Gray, but it was my choice in the end.
Procurator: He shouldn’t’ve put you up to it. Did he realise what could happen? And for what? You don’t have all the pieces yet!
Gookin: I have one more to get. So the time is nearing where you may have to make the decision Proc.
Procurator: You get that piece, hand it in, and they’ll ditch the program, surely.
Gookin: I hope it is that easy.
Procurator: It bloody ought to be. Hell, they’ve accomplished some pretty serious stuff before now.
Procurator: Remember Neurophyte and that killcode in her?
Gookin: No, that was before my time.
Procurator: Well, that was a program embedded in her, and they managed to remove it without killing her. Lost the killcode, though, but they’re not gonna want an errant cheat code.
Gookin: So they have two choices, remove it, or kill me.
*SniperWolf101 is in The Matrix.*
Procurator: Yeah. And they’ll remove it. Dude, last night’s meeting reaffirmed the importance of us, their operatives.
Procurator: We do our duty, they reward us.
Gookin: By putting unfinished cheat codes in us!
*You scream in anguish at Procurator.*
Gookin: Why me?
Gookin: Why did this all have to happen to me!
Procurator: No, that was… uh, a task they gave you, I guess. But they’re not going to kill you for it!
Procurator: Why the shotgun anyway? Why was that lupine after you and why does it still pose a threat?
Gookin: As long as the shotgun exists, the power it holds still exists.
Gookin: The lupine is dead. But if the exiles get their hands on the shotgun then they can regenerate themselves.
Procurator: Aw man…
Procurator: You know it won’t come to that, Gookers. Where are the pieces you’ve already found?
Gookin: Safe.
Procurator: Huh. They should be destroyed.
Gookin: They will be, after the Machines have studied the shotgun.
Procurator: In its entirety? Oh, for pity’s sake…
Gookin: Yes. I have the location of the last piece. I’ll be getting it within the week.
Procurator: I’d offer to help, but… I really don’t want to get in the way.
Gookin: You wouldn’t be able to anyway.
Procurator: That’s what I mean. I take it the program wouldn’t even pause for me?
Gookin: I doubt it.
Gookin: Here, let me show you something. A small taste of the program.
*Gookin removes his glasses.*
*Gookin closes his eyes and goes still..*
Procurator: Procurator shifts about a bit.
*Fuscienne is in The Matrix.*
*Gookin shudders slightly and opens his eyes. As his eyelids lift, a blinding golden light spills out..*
Procurator: Procurator shudders.
Procurator: Jesus, what is that?
*Gookin closes his eyes again.*
*You shake your head.*
Gookin: Ugh. I’ll never get use to that feeling.
Procurator: Uh… all gone now, right?
Gookin: It’s never gone.
*SniperWolf101 is offline.*
Gookin: It simply lies in wait, until I let it out.
*TheTaxidermist is offline.*
Procurator: H’mm.
Gookin: But to have that sort of control, I have to have a fragment with me.
Procurator: You’ve got one with you now?
*Gookin pulls out a small silver fragment from his pocket and shows it to Procurator..*
*Asurik is in The Matrix.*
Gookin: Here.
Procurator: Procurator glances at it, but doesn’t look too closely.
Gookin: It’s safe, for now.
Procurator: It’d better be.
*Gookin places it back in his jacket pocket..*
*lorellei is in The Matrix.*
Gookin: I won’t let it harm you or anybody else. Just keep your promise to me, okay?
Procurator: I…
Procurator: Yes, I will. But I swear it won’t come down to that.
*Gookin smiles weakly..*
Gookin: I’m glad that someone has enough hope for me.
*jediken21 is offline.*
Procurator: Hey, don’t worry man.
*Procurator shows you some love.*
Gookin: Thanks Proc.
Procurator: I’m there for you man. As is the rest of the crew, lest you forget.
*Gookin glances out over the balcony.*
Procurator: But from now on, we both need to be more honest with each other.
Gookin: I agree. Complete honesty from here on.
Gookin: I just hope Selena will be able to forgive me if worst comes to worse.
Procurator: It won’t.
Gookin: I tell you one thing though.
Procurator: H’mm?
Gookin: Kicking an exile through 3 brick walls is fun.
Procurator: Good grief! Heh, I’m sure it is.
Procurator: Maybe with enough practise you’ll be able to do it without help!
*pixelmad is offline.*
*Mechanimal is in The Matrix.*
Gookin: Maybe.
Gookin: We’ll see, but for now. Let’s get back to work.
Procurator: Work? I was just chillin’ in my office.
Procurator: Shall we head down to the plaza?
Gookin: Let’s.
Gookin: I’ll race ya!
*You target [Bench]*
*Tiango is in The Matrix.*
Gookin: What took you so long?
Procurator: I wasn’t racing.
Procurator: Procurator shrugs.
Gookin: Getting too old for it?
*Gookin chuckles.*
Procurator: Too lazy, certainly.
Gookin: I can deal with laziness.

With that, they sat and talked about different things for a while. The prgram wasn’t mentioned. Not once, but it was a niggle inside both their heads now. Procurator had made his friend a promise, he would keep it, but he hated it. Gookin was relieved that the truth was out. Two things were left to do, tell the rest of the Faction and find the last fragment.

The end of his nightmare was near, be it good or bad!


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