Gookin’s Journal

In-character Subject: Duty or Friendship?
Submitted: 2007-5-4 15.08

Gookin had been fine lately, he almost had all of the fragments, only 3 were left! He was, at the present moment, conversing with his friends next to the Tabor North hardline.
Then he got the call.

Agent Gray: We have Abhorlon’s location. I’m uploading it now.

Gookin closed the cell phone and told the others he would be back shortly. He hoped this wouldn’t take too long. He’d begun to gain some degree of control over the program.
That or it just wasn’t as noticeable anymore.

Gookin hyperjumped the short distance to the location. He walked up to the door and then froze.
Closing his eyes, he cleared his mind of all thoughts and pictured the symbol he’d seen in his dream; the symbol that was somehow linked with the program.
The next instant, Gookins eyes were glowing intensely with a bright golden light. His hands also had begun to glow faintly, this had become more apparent as of late. Gookin figured it was part of the controlling of the program.

Gookin burst into the room, jumping high over the heads of the startled exiles. He unholstered his gun, whilst in the air, and began to fire. His accuracy was amazing; every shot landed between the eyes of an exile, all except one who had dodged the bullet and gone into a defensive stance.
Gookin knew at once that this was Abhorlon, but what was to happen next, Gookin didn’t expect. Abhorlon threw the fragment at him and then reached deep into his over coat. Gookin caught the fragment and rolled to one side. Then he heard the thud.
The grenade dropped to the floor, it had some sort of strange symbol on it that Gookin didn’t recognise. As Gookin was thinking of this, the time was up and the grenade exploded. Gookin was thrown out of the nearby window and fell to the floor. The glow faded from his eyes and his hands as he lay in a heap on the ground.
He stood up slowly and made his way back to Tabor North. Something was wrong, however. Pain, lots of it, coursing through Gookins body. He had to get help.
He staggered up to the Tabor North Hardline and slumped to the floor, propping himself up against the telephone box.

Gookin: Ouch, shit!
d4sh: Gookin? Oh no! Proc!
Procurator: Holy hell, Jedi, get Flare on standy by and have the med room prepared, just in case…
Gookin: In case of what? Oh… wait… i think i’m gonna….

Gookin vomited all over the floor. He needed to get the fragments safe. only one person could help.

Gookin: F**k, Dash, I need you to take this, you knw where to put it!

Dash simply nodded and took the fragment from Gookins hand. He also grabbed the key to the explosive device and left immediately.

Procurator: What the hell happened?
Gookin: Nothing important, i’m fine.
Procurator: I can’t do this anymore Gookin. You jack out, lad, and get some rest. We’ll talk about this later.
Gookin: I’ll jack out when Dash gets back
Procurator: Where is he?
Gookin: Somewhere
Gookin: You’ll find out soon enough
Procurator: Uh… how soon is that?
Gookin: Does it matter!
Gookin: ?!?*
Tiango: Let the man have some peace
Procurator: Funnily enough, yes.
Tiango: If he says we will find out we WILL find out….
Procurator: Don’t tell me how to treat my officers, thank you.
Gookin: Drop it all of you, right now!
Tiango: I’m sorry sir, i just feel you’re going the wrong way about it
Procurator: I would drop it, but this sort of thing has happened too many times.
Gookin: This is what? The third time!
Gookin: Gimme a break already
Procurator: Too many times.
Procurator: *Sighs.*

Dash reappeared through the hardline and found Procurator standing over Gookin. Neither of them looked happy, at all.

Tiango: He’s back
Tiango: With news i hope…
Procurator: Oh, there you are.
d4sh: With news? Who, me?
Gookin: The key?
Procurator: Yeah, the guy with the mysterious object.
Tiango: News of what the hell is going on….
d4sh: d4sh hands Gookin back the key.
d4sh: I’ll leave it up to Gookin to either tell you all about it… or not.
Gookin: Thank you Dash
Tiango: Tiango Glances at the pocketed key, and quickly looks away.
Procurator: *Aside:* Flare, cache Gookin’s RSI and immediate possessions.
Gookin: Hahahahahahahahaha

Gookin pressed a small button on the side of his cellphone.

Gookin: You won’t find the key now
Gookin: Even if you do, it’s worthless to you
Procurator: Well forgive me for being precautious.
Tiango: …. And curious
Procurator: Worthless? You think I want to do something with whatever it was you had?
Gookin: No. But you’ll try to find were the key goes
Procurator: I would have looked at it. It’s not as if I’d be able to make a copy within te Matrix and run around trying keyholes.
Procurator: Please…
Gookin: What?!
Procurator: What, what?
d4sh: Gookin, you know that the key wouldn’t help anyone, it’s all locked away safely.
Gookin: We know that
Gookin: But still
Tiango: Wasn’t it in his pocket a minute ago?
0uranos: Oh… Hello there.
Gookin: Bugger off
0uranos: Private meeting ?
Procurator: H’mm? Oh, evening.
d4sh: *Glances at 0uranos* Evenin’, Ouranos.
Procurator: Gookin, cool it, for the love of God.
Gookin: Fine!
d4sh: *Leans in and whispers* Gook, you know you’ll have to start sharing at least some information soon…
Gookin: *whispers back* We agreed when that would happen. Until then, they can stay annoyed at me.
d4sh: *Replies* Alright, just make sure they don’t get too annoyed with me trying to cover your ass in keeping it quiet.
Gookin: You aren’t obliged to do anything Dash, you know that.
d4sh: I keep my word.
Gookin: *smiles* Then we’ll be fine

With the key hidden and the fragemnt locked away as secure as it could be, Gookin decided he better get out. The grenade could cause a serious code error. Luckily, his RSI underwent a virus scan everytime he jacked out, thanks to the program.

Gookin: I have to be going now
Procurator: *Raises an eyebrow.*
Tiango: Hope you feel better soon Gook…
jedijen21: Bye Gooky
Procurator: Well, goody gumdrops.
Gookin: I understand that some of you are frustrated and I realise that this can be worrying.
Gookin: I’m sorry
Gookin: But I promise that all will become clear.
Procurator: I’m pretty sure you agreed not to do this.
Gookin: Not to do what?
Procurator: Worry us. But then, that might just have been what I wanted to hear.
Tiango: I hope you keep that promise Gook.
Gookin: I’m sorry Proc. I will keep my word
Procurator: Let us hope so.
Gookin: You just have to… trust me.
Procurator: Oh I do, but you keep straining it.
Procurator: Just pray the ends justify the means.

Those few words struck something within Gookin. He never believed that people would begin to trust him less. He certainly didn’t expect it from Procurator. That was when Gookin realised how naive he really was. All the sneaking around and avoiding giving answers, he was surprised anybody trusted him at all.
Gookin decided that Proc had to be told soon, or he would lose one of his best friends. That was one risk, Gookin would not take, under any circumstances.

Gookin: Oh… erm… I…. I’m sorry that you can’t trust me fully Captain. I promise I will tell you. I’ll be going now.

With that Gookin jacked out; a small tear rolling down his cheek as he did.


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