Gookin’s Journal

In-character Subject: Confessions
Submitted: 2007-4-11 02.58

The day had not started well. Firstly, the exile Gookin had been tracking had dissappeared without a trace, taking the fragment with him, and then d4sh had found him and dragged him back to HQ. Gookin was definetely pissed off now. He’d already told d4sh to leave it and yet, here he was, in another interrogation.

d4sh: Don’t play stupid with me, Gookin. You already admitted something’s up, just start putting it out there now.
Gookin: Why should I? It’s my problem, not yours!
d4sh: We’re in the same faction, we’re supposed to operate as one.
Gookin: We are. My personal problems haven’t stopped that
d4sh: As your superior… Gah, didn’t want to use that one.
Gookin: Use what one?
d4sh: It’s a fact nonetheless though… Yes, the fact that I’m your superior and if there’s anyone you should tell these things to when asked it’s me. ’Cause you apparantly haven’t talked to anyone else about it… If you did, tell me who and I’ll go talk to them. But I’d rather hear it all from you.
Gookin: I didn’t say I hadn’t told anyone, but I won’t put them in a position where you’re going to interrogate them!
d4sh: Well, start talking then.

Anger was boiling up inside Gookin. He either had to tell d4sh or run. The program was becoming more and more unstable. It would activate without being prompted and Gookin would end up killing everything in site. He did not want to kill d4sh, even if the EJP would kick in.
He knew what he had to do. But he wasn’t going to like it.

Gookin: You really want to fucking know. Go look in that fucking box over there and pick up the reason why!
d4sh: d4sh reaches inside the box and picks up its content.
d4sh: Wha-… What’s this?
Gookin: What does it look like?
d4sh: Well, silver.
Gookin: WHat else in my past has been silver?
d4sh: The ring on Selena’s finger?
Gookin: That was gold
d4sh: H’mn.
d4sh: I’m sure you’ve used a silver bullet or two.
Gookin: Warm
d4sh: Three?
Gookin: Dash!
d4sh: Yeah, sorry… You kinda had it coming after the way you behaved when I walked in.
Gookin: Don’t piss around with me on this. It’s not fucking funny
d4sh: Oh, it’s hilarious… But enough about me. The fragments, what’re they from? Silver…
d4sh: How did they get in the Matrix?
Gookin: You remember what you saw on the screen that day?
d4sh: I do… but that was in an old construct, no?
Gookin: Yes.
Gookin: What was the last thing I did, before I returned to you all?
d4sh: Kill the Exile of course… Unless there’s more.
Gookin: What with?
d4sh: Wha-..? Did i-..? How… The shotgu-… Gawd, this is confusing. The fragments are from the shotgun?
Gookin: The fragments are part of the shotgun. 2 out of 7
d4sh: But how did they get here? How did they get in the box? And in the Simulation… from the construct.
Gookin: I retrieved them
Gookin: Or rather, the shotgun ended up back here in the Matrix in 7 pieces
Gookin: The seven pieces were collected by The Merovingian and the passed onto his highest lieutenants. 7 of them anyway. But that would be 5 now
d4sh: How did the Merovingian come across them? He knew where the Exile was? No wait… That’s not important now. Do you have any idea which lieutenants carry the fragments with them?
Gookin: I know all of them
Gookin: Hell, I’ve killed two of them
d4sh: So… Say, we have all seven pieces…
d4sh: Then what?
Gookin: I hand them over to my employer. I didn’t choose this mission. It was given to me
d4sh: Your employer?
Gookin: Gray
d4sh: Oh, thought you did something on the side for a moment there.
Gookin: No
Gookin: But there’s more
d4sh: Why am I not surprised?
Gookin: You saw the way my eyes glowed when we fought right?
d4sh: Did I… It blinded me, then you vanished.
Gookin: Yeah, sorry about that.
d4sh: I could’ve grounded you for weeks… Months… Whatever I wanted.
Gookin: Embedded into my RSI is a code, a very specific code.
d4sh: A code? What? Why don’t I know anything about this?
Gookin: Because you’re not supposed to.
d4sh: Gray gives one of my operatives a mission, okay. Implementing weird codes into their RSI, not okay.
Gookin: I had no choice. I had to retrieve the shotgun or you would all be at risk.
d4sh: You could’ve at least notified the council, Gookin.
Gookin: This was my responsibility you have to understand that
d4sh: We’d gotten together a team for back-up without putting the other member’s lifes in jeopardy.
Gookin: That’s just it. You couldn’t help
Gookin: These exiles are the top brass. There’s very few that can defeat them, let alone kill them
d4sh: I’ve seen you do it, and to some extend I think a mental state is involved, yes. But you cannot expect me to let you do this on your own.
Gookin: I don’t expect you to let me. But you will nonetheless.
d4sh: Why?
Gookin: The program is an enhanced and corrected form of the unlimit code.
Gookin: It could go wrong
d4sh: A-wha!?
Gookin: You heard
d4sh: And you simply accepted the mission?
Gookin: Do you honestly think im that naive?
d4sh: Well, I’m starting to doubt a lot of things by now.
d4sh: Who else knows about this?
d4sh: Flare? Proc?
Gookin: Selena
Gookin: That’s it
d4sh: Is that why she hasn’t been jacked-in at all?
Gookin: Yes
d4sh: So… what’s next?
d4sh: What do we do now?
Gookin: We do nothing.
Gookin: I continue on
d4sh: With?
Gookin: The mission
d4sh: Listen, Gookin… I’m getting the feeling there’s not much I can do… So I have one simple order.
d4sh: Keep at least me up to date on every single thing you do… Mission-wise, that is.
Gookin: I… we have to tell the others
Gookin: If soemthing happens then someone will have to deliver what I have to Gray
Gookin: … and someone will have to protect Selena
d4sh: I suggest bringing it for the council first, see what comes from it.
Gookin: Can you call a council meeting?
d4sh: Of course I can.
d4sh: Was going to anyway.
d4sh: We’ll just add this to the list, lucky it wasn’t that long.

Gookin smiled. For some reason, he felt healthier. It was as if the program had weakened or become less apparent within himself. He always felt it inside him, like a compressed spring waiting to expand. Now, however, it was barely there. It felt great!

Gookin: If you see my eyes glowing before that time. I suggest you stay out of the way. I have no control when the program is running.
d4sh: Either that, or I’ll smack you down headfirst.
Gookin: I think you’d be dead before that. These exiles have trouble hitting me.
Gookin: Can I have the fragments?
d4sh: I what-? Ehr-… Of course.

d4sh handed Gookin the two small silver fragments and Gookin felt better further. The fragments always did this, made him feel so much better. He was unsure why, but the fragments felt as if they belonged to him.

Gookin: Time to find another hiding place.
d4sh: Put ’em anywhere you like, secret’s safe with me.
Gookin: Bend over
d4sh: *Chuckles* Okay, okay, I deserved that…
d4sh: Really though.
Gookin: I shall. Thanks Dash
d4sh: Heck, keep ’em in my office if you will.
Gookin: You have a safe?
d4sh: Let’s have a look.
Gookin: That it?
d4sh: See for yourself.
Gookin: No it’s not that one
Gookin: Must be… ah there it is. What’s the code?
d4sh: *
Gookin: Ok cheers
Gookin: I’m gonna put this small explosive on the catch ok?
d4sh: Go for it.
Gookin: No one can get in but me now
d4sh: Safe as it can get… I think.
Gookin: We have security cameras. i’ll hunt anyone down who steals them, with or without this fucking program.
Gookin: Nice office
d4sh: *Smiles* Cheers.
Gookin: Why do I get a small office that I have to share, and you get this? Perks of being leader I guess.
d4sh: Sure is.
d4sh: I let you use my safe, though…
Gookin: Ok, thanks

There was an awkward silence here. Both operatives knew the risks now and the weight of the mission was on d4sh’s shoulders as much as Gookins now. The Glitch Society wasn’t just a faction, it was a family.
Finally, Gookin shook his head. He’d been thinking about what’d happen once the council knew.

Gookin: Proc’s gonna kill me
d4sh: Most likely.
Gookin: Crap. I’m gonna have to lay low for a while once I tell him.
d4sh: Better believe it. Hit me up when you’re jacked-in, though. I won’t interfere but I still want to be close.
Gookin: I shall. If I go to static though, don’t come after me. No matter what. You just get back to the rest of the faction and make sure they stay safe.
d4sh: Make sure at least one person is always aware of your whereabouts.
Gookin: I’ll try.
d4sh: Preferably me.

D4sh then let out a long sigh. He was nervous, worried, scared and he didn’t know what else. Stupid things like this always seemed to happen to the people close to him. Bittype for one. Gookin had helped there. It had been his rant that had saved Bittype’s job, yes he got reprimanded for a few days, but still it had worked.

Gookin: Why the sigh?
d4sh: Seems we’re in for a rough ride.
Gookin: Wouldn’t be TGS otherwise.
d4sh: It’s nicely in contrast with the things I’m preparing for the meeting, though.
Gookin: Oh?
d4sh: Heh, you’ll find out in due time.
Gookin: Ok. I won’t push you for an answer.
d4sh: Thanks. Oh, by the way, I’ll be meeting with an Agent soon, most likely Agent Gray himself… Will he be aware of my knowledge on the fragments?
Gookin: No
Gookin: … and you’re not to make out that you know!
d4sh: That’s what I needed to hear, yeah.
Gookin: Well, if that’s all, I need to go do some surveillance
d4sh: Sure thing, keep me posted.
Gookin: Oh by the way. SIx never saw those results *wink*
d4sh: Wha-

With that Gookin had opened the window and gone. D4sh chuckled to himself. He couldn’t fault how resourceful Gookin was, he just hoped that it would keep him alive!


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