Gookin’s Journal

In-character Subject: d4sh
Submitted: 2007-4-7 06.19

Gookin was in HQ. It was risky using his personal terminal to report to Gray, but the Agents had ensured him that the transmissions were secure. Just as the Operative had finished typing the report, d4sh walked through the office door. He’d clearly heard the keys tapping away. Shit!

d4sh: Ooh you know what.

Gookin started and quickly closed the program before turning around to face d4sh.

Gookin: No…
d4sh: You’re all jumpy man, what the hell’s going on with you?
Gookin: N-nothing
Gookin: I’m sorry

d4sh could tell something was different. He noticed that Gookin refused to meet his eyes.

d4sh: Alright, sod this. We’ll head for my office, I don’t feel comfortable discussing business in someone else’s office when the person isn’t even around.
d4sh: Follow me.

The two Glitchers walked through the corridors towards d4sh’s office. Gookin considered making a break for it, but that would definetely have alerted d4sh to a problem. The only option was to try and convinve d4sh everything was fine.

d4sh: Have a seat.
d4sh: Come on, Gookin, we’re the only two people in this office. What’s on your mind?
Gookin: N- nothing
d4sh: Don’t mess with me, Gookin!

The slight raise in the volume of d4sh’s voice sparked something within Gookin and the next thing to come out of his mouth was beyond his own control.

Gookin: Look, there’s nothing fucking wrong with me so why don’t we fucking drop it and get on with our lives!
d4sh: Don’t you bloody raise your voice like that. If you want me to treat you to your rank, you’d better act like it too.
Gookin: S- sorry. I guess I’m not fully myself
Gookin: I- I was out of place
d4sh: Thank you, Mr Obvious.
d4sh: *Ahem* Pardon.
d4sh: But yes, you were.
Gookin: That’s the second time I’ve done that
d4sh: H’mm?
Gookin: Yeah, the first time I was meeting… someone and I just snappped
d4sh: It didn’t have any rash consequences, did it? Was it someone of the Society?
Gookin: No, no one in TGS. I don’t think there were any consequences. They just said something I didn’t like, I guess
d4sh: They… if you were being out of place, I reckon it was someone positioned above your rank, or at least the same… Feel like elaborating?
Gookin: Not reallly
d4sh: At least tell me who it was, in case I have to settle some issues.
Gookin: I… it… it doesn’t matter
d4sh: You’re making me worried, Operative, and I don’t like it a single bit.
Gookin: Since when have you ever called me Operative?
d4sh: Since you’re making me feel uncomfortable about this situation, and I want it resolved as quick as possible.
Gookin: *mutters* If only
d4sh: Well, start spraying then ’cause I want it taken care of.
Gookin: *closes eyes tightly and shakes head* It’s nothing really.
d4sh: H’mm… I think I’ll get SixTwoFive to run both a mental and physical check on you… disturbing to say the least.
Gookin: *sighs* If you insist
d4sh: I do.
Gookin: Fine then!
d4sh: In fact, I want to check some things myself as well.
Gookin: I don’t fucking think so!
d4sh: Don’t worry, you can keep your clothes on.
d4sh: Heck, we don’t even have to go outside.
Gookin: No. SixTwoFive fine but that’s as far as it goes
d4sh: Don’t be silly, I’m doing this for her.

d4sh took his jacket off and laid it on the back of the chair. He then moved into a karate power stance, as if to fight Gookin.

Gookin: What the fuck?
d4sh: Come on, fight me.

With those last words, Gookin lost all control. For some reason his body took over and a bright glow filled the room. It was his eyes again!
d4sh tries covering his eyes and it left the perfect opportunity for the program to calculate it’s move. Gookins fist came out of nowhere and struck the Faction Leader in the side of the face, sending him across the room.
d4sh stood up. Blood tricled from the corner of his mouth. He was pissed off, but controlled. Something was wrong and he needed to get the results for analysis.

d4sh: Keep going.

Gookin launched into the air, screaming. Piston kicks rained down on d4sh, who fell to his knee protecting his head. Fear flashed through his mind. He realised that Gookin was not holding back, he was going for the kill. No! It wasn’t Gookin, it couldn’t be. Something else had taken over him. d4sh rolled back and jumped into the air as Gookin charged at him.
d4sh’s knee came up into the chin of the First Mate and Gookin was thrown into the air. Gookin landed in the middle of the room but didn’t move for a minute. He stood up, and the glow was gone but Gookin moved into a stance, although this time it was defensive, just in case d4sh attacked.

d4sh: Enough.

Gookin said nothing, but remained in the stance.

d4sh: I’ll have my operator send the stats to Six.
d4sh: But dude, your eyes…

Gookin moved back to a standing position and reached into his pocket. d4sh had seen hs eyes. He had to get out of there. The interrogation would begin only too soon and Gookin needed to get out. He felt for his cell phone and pushed a button. The button that linked to Gray. It was a distress call.

Gookin: Im sorry d4sh
d4sh: Just explain to me what’s going on. I know that wasn’t you!

Gookin shook his head, and then dissapeared in a flash of green code.


Agent Gray: There you are Gookin. You don’t seem in distress, why did you request the teleport?
Gookin: Let’s just say someone was getting too close. Have you located the next fragment?
Agent Gray: We have. Here are the details.

The Agent handed a manilla envelope to the Operative.

Gookin: Ok. Oh and by the way… I hate you for doing this to me Gray. Once this is done, you’ll be explaining to my faction what happened!
Agent Gray: You shall be rewarded. But no one is to know about this. Is this understood?
Gookin: Fine! Fuck you then!

With that, the Operative turned and stormed from the room, off to get the next fragment.


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