Gookin’s Journal

In-character Subject: Changes
Submitted: 2007-3-4 07.54

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#Opening Gookin/Log7.1#

It amazes me, how quickly our worlds can change; how quickly people can change.

In the past year I have seen much happen within the system I have sworn to protect. EPN, cypherites, Unlimits, Commandos, Code Pulse Devices. All these things have appeared and most have been defeated.

The one thing I have no power over and cannot protect anyone from, however, is change. Recent happenings and discussions have proven to me just how powerless we all really are.

My marriage in August was a welcome change, but it has changed again. I have become so distant from Selena in recent weeks that we hardly talk anymore. I will not let that bond break!

My friends are changing too. I am not at liberty to say what has been going on, but my world becomes smaller every day now. I see less of Draggy these days. I understand why, but I miss the company. I’ll always have d4sh and the other faction members, but even they become distant for periods of time.

The faction is in disarray. I can only hope that d4sh’s idea goes to plan. It has to work for the sake of the faction. We need a revival; a kick start, so to speak.

Change is the biggest bitch to concern human life. No one ever likes change, I try to embrace it, but everytime I do it ends up shooting me in the back.

Still, I wish my friends to be happy and, although change may hurt me, I know it will be good for them.

Good luck to them, I say!


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