Flare’s Journal

In-character Subject: The Colours!
Submitted: 2007-7-17 15.27

Had a new experience today, thanks to our lovely captain. Being freeborn means I can’t jack into the Matrix, and the best job for us on a hovercraft is as operators. So I’m always looking at the Matrix, but never experiencing it. This has just changed!

Procurator has programmed me a simulacrum of my very own. Basically it’s a shell with some base subroutines to make it behave like a proper RSI within the Matrix. Rather than thinking on its own or being controlled through a jacked-in mind (like that bloody ‘supersim’), it accepts commands from my keyboard and a pointing device. I can move it around the Matrix at will and talk to people through it. Kind of like playing a classic computer game!

But the best part is that we’ve managed to get its visual input to display on one of my screens. Like other operators I normally have to inspect the Matrix in code due to the immense amount of data (even the Aggregator’s processors can’t translate all that at once), but the simulacrum’s visual data is simplified before it even leaves the Matrix on our broadcast channel which means we can process it. Result: I can see the Matrix in all its glory!

And it’s gorgeous.


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