Durasuness’s Journal

In-character Subject: Entry 1
Submitted: 2007-4-11 07.37
  • Opening Journal System ——
  • ———– Please Select Journal System Operation ——
  • —————– Journal Entry Selected – Operation Started ——

It is quite curious as to the motives of the fellow humans. While I was still inside the illusion little more then a week ago, I lived a happy ignorant life, constantly doing the same monotonus job over and over, and that was all I had to do. I knew what I was doing, and I didn’t have to do it any differently. But then, as the day drew closer towards my awakening, the first time I truely opened my eyes, I witnessed events that most of the other people around me tended to ignore, as if they couldn’t see it. I saw the world in a different light and as such, the curiousity that I harboured deep down within me began to grow. What I saw wasn’t much though. If I concentrated hard enough it seemed that an object would bend in a way it shouldn’t be able to. Once I even found that the ink tube inside my pen had some how reversed its position in its casing….

Apon investigating these things, I came across a world I never knew existed before, a large expansive world, bigger then the 4 meter by 4 meter white office cubicle I worked in every day, bigger then the distance between my apartment and work, bigger then the entire city which I must say, I never saw the outer limits of. Guess that’s why it was called MegaCity. I was eventually contacted and awakened in a manner most curious, the red pill and the blue pill, a rather interesting representation of two different possibilities based on the fact that it is said, Blues and Reds never see the end of conflict with one another. But more of that later on.

I suppose I should figure out what to do with this journal system I have been given aboard the Actuator, the ship, or rather hovercraft as the crew call it, and the only logical reasoning I canc ome up with is using it to record my attempts to acquire true knowledge of what the Matrix, the Machine Creators, the Administrator, as well as all the various factions of man are, and how they opperate. I guess in a way I am like the Machine Creators, I know this from several interactions I’ve had with them, most noteably, Agent Grey and Agent Pace.

I guess I should initiate the theories with the most basic one, what is the Matrix truely? Reports and archieves from Zion that I have accessed briefly during my first steps into awakening, indicate that the Matrix is believed to be little more then a false reality, or simulated reality would be a more fitting term, used to keep the sleeping from awakening, and to allow the machine creators to extract power from them. While this is true as reports and personal experiance has dictated so far, it is also evident that there is even more at work. Communication with the Agents indicate that the machines may be trying to imitate us or at the very least learn how we think so they could improve their simulation and lesson the amount of people awakening. The way I have learnt of the machine cities would dictate that they each have their own "Mega City" and growing grounds, as it is suggested there would be hundreds if not thousands of machine cities all over the world, but the people of Zion only seem to have access to one, maybe two of these cities. But, since I am unable to access the Administration Machine as of yet, I am unable to confirm this theory.

But, if it is true that there are many machine cities, it would suggest that they would each act as a sort of "Server" based on the old human video game concept of Massively Multiplayer Online Games, which I believe the machines allow us to have some replica of inside the Matrix as a way of controlling the types that are more likely to reject the Matrix and either die or awaken as a result of it. But if the purpose of a machine city is to create power for the administration system as well as its machinery, would that some how affect the number of machine cities there are in the world, shortening the number down to less then a hundred? Who knows?

The Agents present yet another strange presence within the Matrix. They all seem alike, with the exception of a few facial features and naming. It would seem the older, yet smaller generation agents all have single syllable names, Brown, Wong, North, West, etc, while the bigger, more brutish and newer agents have two syllable names, Johnson, Jackson, Thompson, etc. I have yet to uncover the true reasoning behind such a move of way the machines thought a larger agent would present a bigger threat to the red pills, because so far it seems that the two syllable named ones do little more then enforce protection over the single syllable ones. Communication with Agent Grey makes it clear that the machine creators are indeed trying to understand humanity, but why? The behaviour of Agent Pace suggests the machines want to become human, but, that would defy a machines logic. Why would they wish to become something which would wish to destroy them?

And there is also the question of Agent Pace as a seperate theory altogether. Interaction with her seems to be vaguely human, much more looser then the usual Agents we deal with on a regular basis. There is also the matter of the Operator making strange suggestions of a manner pertaining towards human attraction. The interesting thing about all of this is, since he is indeed viewing the Matrix externally, I wonder how he ever learnt to see the Matrix as more then just code, or does he see something inside the code about her that is more human then anything else? Maybe he always admired the Zionite known as Trinity and believes a little to much in the rumours that Agent Pace may be Trinity and instead of seeing code where she is, he just sees his memories or illusions of Trinity, causing him to make the strange comments? This once again all links back into the mystery of why the machines would create an agent similar to humans.

As the last note on the journal entry, I wont go into theories of opperation any longer, but theories of imagry. The Blue pill and the Red pill. It’s always depicted that Blues and Reds are destined to fight one another. The way the Zion opperatives described the Red pill is as a tracer program to allow them to pin point the location of our bodies within the machine city and initiate a purge and dump process before we can be terminated by the machines. And the Blue Pill is nothing more then a suggested memory wipe probably linked to a key word, "Matrix", eliminating all information linked towards it within the subjects mind. Maybe Zion thinks that the Red pill is them, warm red blooded mammals struggling to survive, and the Blue pill is the machines, cold, and heartless, not truely living, yet stopping them from growing out of hand? Who knows what the idea of colouring the red pill red and the blue pill blue, I guess only the original writer of the program would know why those colours were chosen.

  • Journal Entry System Terminated ——


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