Dragonram’s Journal

In-character Subject: Choices
Submitted: 2007-2-4 15.53

Right then, what’s there to write about…Hmm. I had a nice little chat with 90TUahGayMWdG1WU the other day. She seems alright, I’m pretty sure I can trust her. I do wonder, however, how I’m going to go about this. It won’t be easy…and it’s an enormous risk, but it’ll be worth it; I can’t stand it much more.

At least I’ve told Gookin…I know he’ll back me, whatever I do. He’s a pretty amazing human, one that should be a role model. He might not be the strongest, the fastest or indeed the smartest (although he is rather intelligent)….But he doesn’t need to be; that’s the crux, he is who he is and that’s what makes him such an incredible person. I can’t imagine myself doing any harm to him…Or any of The Glitch Society for that matter. Perhaps I should just get it over and done with, perhaps not. As I am lead to believe, one man once said: The Problem is Choice.

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