Devaude’s Journal

In-character Subject: Status
Submitted: 2007-9-19 01.16

Finally I’m on the Antares, our new flagship. The Actuator is past and I have now the honour the be the First Mate of our faction leader d4sh. Until further notice I’m also Medical Officer on the new ship.

I feel a lot better now. It’s just great to have someone around whom you can really trust.

A lot of other things happened.

PlagueOnWheels is lost somewhere. At least we got a transmission from him… he’s alive and able to jack in.

And then Gookin… we nearly lost him.
D4sh, Procurator and Dragonram were able to remove Prolimit from him.
Dragonram… it was my first encounter with him, since he exiled.
A very strange feeling. It’s like one of your friends became a stranger, whom you don’t trust.
I don’t had the chance to speak with him personally, but I saw that he helped saving Gookin’s life.
That’s the important thing.

Lately I haven’t had time to continue my research on my past.
I still need to check out some locations, but somehow I fear to find out something I might don’t want to know about myself.
The discussion with Lorellei and Jediken21 about my tatoos still troubles me…


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