Devaude’s Journal

In-character Subject: Dragonram
Submitted: 2007-5-15 00.23

I got a shocking message via the 01 Network.

Dragonram requested his ban! Some code will take over eventually and he does this for security reasons.

Dragonram… my captain … my friend… I … I just cannot believe this.
The ship, he left it without a message. I started a search on our mainframes, but was not able to find a trace of him.

I feel unsave, what if that code installed a backdoor in our mainframe? That’s why I ordered the ship to a save bay.

We have reached it now, I feel a bit better.

I read a log from Gookin. He was able to reach Dragonram.
An Exile called ’The Doctor’ implanted the code (sidenote: maybe that’s why his appearance changed as well).
The only thing I cannot understand is, that it was his free will to go there!
We might could have helped him, why haven’t he said a word?

There is another thing … my past … my non-existing blue pill memories, he might could have helped me.
Looks like I have to find out on my own.

I fear the moment, when I met him the next time. He is my friend, but he is on the wrong side now.
I hope I don’t have my orders at the moment I see him…


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