Devaude’s Journal

In-character Subject: Tattoos
Submitted: 2007-3-28 05.29

Today I met with Jediken21 and Lorellei. I showed them something I have never shown anyone before.

I have a big skull with wings on my back and two little version on my arms.

I hate tattoos and I have no idea why I have those or where they come from.

My friends helped me with a little brainstorming according this tattoos.

Everything we referenced with this tattoos … is not good.

I need to investigate the following gangs and places:

  1. Club Succubus
  2. Blood Drinkers
  3. The Demon Army
  4. The Assassins
  5. Club Hel (God I hate thinking about this option…)

I hope I can find a trail to my past soon.


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