Devaude’s Journal

In-character Subject: Club Succubus Investigation
Submitted: 2007-12-13 07.41

After all the excitement with the broken truth and now with this mysterious Intruder, I finally decided to continue my investatigation on my lost memories.

I visited Club Succubus today. I have never been in there. At least that is what my memory is telling me.
The hardline near the Club, I have tagged it, but the Club itself never got my attention.

As I looked at the big sign outside of the club, I froze…

The wings on this … monster, remind me on my tattoos!

Were they the inspiration for it?
Was I a regular visitor in that club?

But all that gothic stuff, it’s not my style or have I really changed that much?

I enter the club, my memory still tells me, that I’ve never been here before.

Bizzare people are hanging around, was I really one of them?

I took a seat in one of the gloomily corners of the club and watched the scenery.

My heart stood still as I heard a voice: "Hello Hiob, nice to see you again…"


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