d4sh’s Journal

In-character Subject: Been a month
Submitted: 2008-1-31 13.08

## Broadcast depth
## Incoming Transmission…
## HOVERCRAFT // 01_91715
## RELAY Initialized

Simulation-date: April 7, 2007

It’s been a month since we left the 01-outpost. Nilos quickly got to know the ship and its crew and assumed his pretty much full-time operating-shift two weeks prior to this log. We don’t usually take on new people and immediately give them a fixed position on one of the ships, let alone the flagship, but the Algorithm lacked a properly-experienced operator, and the faction couldn’t provide one.

As of last night I’m not sure Lorellei is too pleased with how thing are being handled anymore. She knows something’s up and found out I have a meeting with Agent Gray sometime in the coming week, so now she keeps asking if someone needs to come along. Can’t tell her anything, can’t have her there… After all, it’s supposed to be a surprise.

## End Transmission…


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