d4sh’s Journal

In-character Subject: Moving on 1.5
Submitted: 2007-3-5 07.37

## Broadcast depth
## Incoming Transmission…
## HOVERCRAFT // 01_91715
## RELAY Initialized

Simulation-date: March 5, 2007

Starting to get the feeling people realise something’s going on. I’ve spoken with Dragonram about it, he was quite clear about his thoughts, but then things seemed to change… I had called him into my office to catch up on random things, when he mentioned something about recruits. As I recalled seeing an application-notification several days ago I asked him about it. He looked around the room as if there might be others present, shrugged, then admitted he hadn’t gotten in touch with our potential new member yet. I noted the RedPill applicant called Siphae would probably be waiting for a reply from our Recruitment-Officer, but Dragonram wasn’t even looking at me anymore… He simply wandered across the room, looking out the windows, as if he wanted to get out of the room as soon as possible.

‘Dra-… Dragonram? Helloooo…’

‘H’mm?’ Ah, finally some kind of reaction.

‘I’m kind of trying to have a proper conversation here. Why haven’t you gotten in touch with Siphae yet?’

‘Come on, man, give me a break here! I have more things to do, can I go now?’ He replied.

Hundreds of various thoughts rushed through my head… Where was the Dragonram I had gotten to know several months ago? Why is he raising his voice to me like that for no particular reason? Why isn’t he up to par with his tasks as Recruitment-Officer? Is he even attempting to properly captain his crew?

This time I raised my voice. ’No, you can’t. And I’m bloody sure you know why.’

Dragonram sighed.

‘What’s going on with you? Why are you so far behind on your work? I hardly ever get a chance to meet up with you, I have no idea what you’re up to anymore.’

The conversation went on from there… Dragonram explained he couldn’t seem to keep his focus on things, lack of concentration, maybe even lack of interest too, who knows.

When the Algorithm finally docked at one of 01’s outposts to load up on supplies, I left the ship to get a decent meal. Don’t get me wrong, Prodigel throws up a very decent dinner these days, but it’s variety that keeps me going. I entered a small, darkgrey, oddly-shaped building that looked like an old blacksmith’s depot, various tools still hanging on the walls. I sat down at one of the random tables. Wood… now there’s something you don’t see every day out here. This was one of, if not the oldest 01-outpost and would soon be either completely dismantled or rebuild.

After I was done ordering I looked around the room to see how many people were there, anyone I knew? We were the only shipped docked there at the time so every person there was either stranded or actually lived and worked at the outpost. But then I noticed a guy walking up to me… He was tall, with sleek, dark hair. I would later learn his name was Nilos, a former Machinist-Operator in a faction that had been disbanded years ago. Ever since he had been working at the outpost, merely to not die of boredom.

## End Transmission…


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