d4sh’s Journal

In-character Subject: Moving on 1.1
Submitted: 2007-3-3 14.00

## Broadcast depth
## Incoming Transmission…
## HOVERCRAFT // 01_91715
## RELAY Initialized

Simulation-date: March 3, 2007

I seem to still be catching my breath from the General’s viral-attack on Kalt Chemicals. I received word from 01 they were very pleased with the way it was handled, though, and I must say I was surprised to see so many operatives from every single organisation work towards a mutual goal. It most likely won’t change cross-org relations, but it does show what everyone’s feelings towards the General and his (Elite) commandos are.

Received an odd letter with the 01-broadcast as well, not sure what to make of it yet. Might log it eventually, but I want to give it some proper thought first, so I can note some proper feedback on the suggestions made.

Got to keep an eye out on lorellei… Who knows, she might just be what we need now. Should I get in touch with Dragonram as well?

## End Transmission…


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