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In-character Subject: Not something…
Submitted: 2008-1-31 13.12

## Broadcast depth
## Incoming Transmission…
## HOVERCRAFT // 01_91715
## RELAY Initialized

## Add: Recipient(s): Faction
## Add: Subject: Not something…

Simulation-date: April 20, 2007

Not something I usually do, but I wanted all of you to be up to speed before we dock.

It took us 8 days, but the fleet has nearly reached 01. I think it will be safe to share what’s going to happen once we’re there now, right? Can’t keep it to myself much longer anyway, I’m too excited. Okay, here goes:

We’re being upgraded!

Uh-huh, it’s great! Of course we all have proper connections to our current ships, but some of the ships need a lot of upgrades, entire systems replaced, etc. For others it’s time to be traded in completely, and yes, the Algorithm will be among the latter. Same goes for the Actuator and the Polydectes. The Aggregator and Singularity will easily be able to manage with several upgrades and replacements that will be installed with their crews present, to make sure it’s exactly what they want and how they want it.

Alright, that should cover the first part about the ships… now on to a more personal point. I’m sorry to announce several of our members will be leaving our fleet, but on the flipside: Others will be promoted!

First things first – We’ll unfortunately be saying goodbye to: Dragonram, Tax, Fray and Jedi. The latter three have decided the Glitch Society is not for them anymore and wish to go their own way, separated from the faction. Dragonram needs a break from his position and responsibilities. He needs time to take care of himself, as he feels he’s still not as appreciated and valued by the Machines and Machinists alike, after being scheduled for deletion in the past.

Onto promotions then! I’ve already spoken with the following members personally, but everyone should know that:
– Lorellei has more than once proven her worth to the faction, and after having been on the Algorithm this long she really deserves a promotion. With Dragonram leaving and us getting the chances the Machines are providing us with this is the perfect opportunity to get her the position she should be in. As you might have guessed by now; Lorellei will become the Society’s newest captain and will be put in charge of recruitment. Once Lorellei assumes her new position as captain she’ll get a completely new ship to properly get things going.
– Tiango will be promoted to Lorellei’s first mate onboard the new Recruitment-ship.
– The crew of the Actuator will be merged with the Algorithm-crew and man the new flagship.
– Devaude will be promoted to first mate of the flagship. He has a wide range of experience with having been first mate and captain, of course, and as such he will additionally be given the position of Medic.

There’ll be a lot to learn for everyone, but let’s consider it a challenge. A faction-meeting will be held in 01, three hours after we’ve docked, so be sure to get properly cleaned and put on the nicest outfit you can get.

I guess this was the last log written from the Algorithm… It’s been one hell of a ride.

## End Transmission…


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