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Latest Entry: Not something…

We’re being upgraded!


Latest Entry: Club Succubus Investigation

I visited Club Succubus today.


Latest Entry: Plans On Hold

I’m going to put my plans on backburner, at least until…


Latest Entry: Entry 1

The list of things roughly known and to be learnt by me of the simulated reality we choose to protect.


Latest Entry: The Colours!

Had a new experience today, thanks to our lovely captain. Being freeborn means I can’t jack into the Matrix, and the best job for us on a hovercraft is as operators. So I’m always looking at the Matrix, but never experiencing it. This has just changed!


Latest Entry: Chapter 9 – Fire and Silver

Fragments, explosions and fighting. The story heats up!


Latest Entry: Moving on 1.7

Right, now its just getting creepy


Latest Entry: Preparing for Battle

Well, tonight’s the night. Prolimit’s, uh, summoned us for a confrontation in an hour or so, and I think this is our last chance to execute the plan. Prolimit expects a fight, but he won’t be expecting this.


Latest Entry: Back into the real world

Abord the hovercraft right after the matrix ceased to be (Meant to help foster some RP and keep the glitches alive in the real of the matrix universe)


Latest Entry: Unity

It’s not that grand gestures are ever bad. They just tend to backfire.


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