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According to some operatives that worked for Biomonic recently, he has been collecting blood for some kind of experiment. Lately, it appears as though he has made a breakthrough and just needs a few more items for him to impliment his plan. You need to find out what he needs, and get them to him. Whatever his plan is, it can't be good. Biomonic and his company have a reputation for dealing with some very controversial aspects of genetic engineering. We believe Kalt Chemicals may also be involved somehow. Unfortunately, we cant stop him unless we know what he's up to. I'm willing to bet that helping him now will yield the answers we're looking for to decide our next course of action. Oh, and did I mention a reward?

Find Osiris in Moriah Projects. He's an ex-Merovingian operative that went 'solo' for a while before taking on employment from Biomonic. Right now, he is our only key to unlocking the door that will solve this mystery.

Call your operator to begin the mission.

Enter Kalt Chemical Engineering.

(I looked into it, it's pretty darn awesome. Suggest you all have a look as well.)

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