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PostPosted: Mon Mar 27, 2006 12:43 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sorry, what's this about a takeover? Razz
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 27, 2006 8:16 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

We're kicking all the other Machinist factions' arses, still. Wink

Here are the logs. I got there after the meeting had started, on the roof of a carpark in Chelsea.

Jevex: I know you'd like that WAY to much Ven...
Venmm: Zampo, you know I would love to just hand this over...
Zampano: but....?
Ozzin: here it comes.
Zampano: *smiles knowingly*
Venmm: * twirls the disk around his fingers. it vanishes from his open hand in a flash of coding*
Zampano: *sighs* Ok Venmm
Venmm: I can't just -give- the mechs a ship.
D3athBlad3: *raises an eyebrow*
Zampano: What do you want?
Zampano: we aren't no ordinary mechs, you know that Venmm
Leelia: *sighs heavily*
Reeverb: *grins at seeing the disk dissappear*
Venmm: That looks... far too... co-operative of me. However. I do have a little something you can do for us that may balance out the equation.
Jevex: *shakes his head*
Zampano: *raises eyebrow*
Jevex: come on Venn...
Zampano: Yes?
Jevex: you gotta be joking, right?
Venmm: Fraid not Jev...
Jevex: These are our friends, not some junkie group of mauraders out for our heads...
Venmm: See... there's this book I kinda... NEED you to get for me.
Zampano: Book? *smiles* Didn't take you for the reading type Venmm
Jevex: *shakes his head, looking down at the green concerte of the building's top*
Zampano: There's a library just behind you
Ozzin: *shudders at the thought* and i can only imagine for whom it is
Zampano: *smirks*
Venmm: * chuckles* Its no ordinary book, Zamp...
D3athBlad3: book with pictures?
Zampano: oh, anything I might have come across?
Venmm: Probably. But not the kind you would look at Blade. Everyone's wearing clothes. * grins*
Zampano: *chuckles*
D3athBlad3: shame...
Venmm: But in all seriousness...
Ozzin: eint that the truth. the matrix pimp.
D3athBlad3: sshh ozz
Ozzin: *grins*
Venmm: I need to get this book back... it belongs with my people. However... the demands of the individual holding it are rather... unsatisfactory.
Leelia: Belongs to your people?
Zampano: hmm I see, so you want us to.........retrieve it
Jevex: *jevex's despair seems to melt into annoyance*
Venmm: I would just kill them and take it, however, the individual in question is a Merovingian operative. I can't be seen to kill a follower of the Frenchman for what most will see as a simple book.
Zampano: *nods understandingly* Oh no, a merv would never do that
Zampano: *smiles*
Leelia: *smiles at Zamp* Doesn't sound too bad now, does it?
Zampano: *laughs* Go get a book, sounds easy enough
Venmm: * smirks* A merv would. A Lycan, Lupine, or whatever you want to call us, can't.
Jevex: *shakes his head*
Jevex: This is outrageous~
Venmm: We're exiles ourselves. We play by different rules.
Zampano: ok venmm
Ozzin: cant wait for the person in question. it's gonna be ugly, that's for sure
Venmm: Jev...
Zampano: we'll help you if you help us. Just tell me where we can find this book
Jevex: ((afk for a moment))
Venmm: Theres far more riding on this than any damn ghost ship... trust me.
Venmm: I can't tell you what the book is called. It doesn't translate to human. I can't even tell you who has it....
Zampano: Guys, We need his key. The only way we're going to get it is to help him
Adicia: *narrows her eyes*
Zampano: its not like he's asking something really terrible
Venmm: What I do know is that its rumored to contain some... rather crucial knowledge about my kin... and specifically, me.
Zampano: well, any leads would do?
Ozzin: *sighs* come on, throw us a bone here, no pun intended
McShy: *Laughs*
Zampano: Don't laugh Mc, venmm almost killed me for a similar pun, though that was olisi's games to blame
Zampano: *sighs*
Venmm: Molly B, in Moriah, was the one that first brought its theft to my attention. She overheard some reds talking. They headed south and she lost them. I don't know where they are now, all she told me was that it was some place real damn noisey.
Zampano: hmm molly eh, well guess we'd best chat to her
Leelia: *nods* Okay, I think you can handle that, right?
Zampano: Cap, you going to be ok here?
Zampano: Sure, Sismusarians, with me please
Zampano: all set?
Adicia: You heard the man
Zampano: we'll be back shortly
Ozzin: lets move
D3athBlad3: want me to come with zamp?
Venmm: * smiles* And even if the tome is harmless, it regards my people. It would be much more at home in my library.
Leelia: I will be fine. Got a some things to fix here.
Zampano: glitch, watch the caps back for me while I'm away would yoou
Venmm: Bring me the book, and I'll give you your key.
Zampano: sure d3ath, if you want to
Gookin: *nods*
Leelia: Gentlemen... if you would have a minute or two. really, I need to adjust the terminal here
Leelia: *hacks her terminal*
Leelia: Hm...
Leelia: *fingers flying over the keyboard*
Leelia: *eyes flashing over the screen of the laptop computer*
Venmm: * watches with mild interest * You always were skilled at that crap Lee... you know I never had the patience.
Leelia: Neither have I
D3athBlad3: i heard your just lazy venmm
Leelia: Figure that's what makes me so fast at it *winks*
Leelia: *beeps emerging from the terminal*
Leelia: Ah.. crap
D3athBlad3: what is it?
Leelia: *mutters* Another attempt then
Venmm: * chuckles at Blades comment *Well... yeah, that too.
D3athBlad3: *smirks*
RockyB: 180
Leelia: *pulls out handheld and connects it to the mobile comp*
Leelia: *whispers* Ah.. damnit... this is strange
Leelia: *holds out handheld in one hand and clenches the other fist*
Leelia: *frowns*
Venmm: * malevolent smile* Oh yeah... dead fast.
Leelia: Shit.
Leelia: This came unexpected
Leelia: But then gain, it better... well, nevermind.
Leelia: Gentlemen...
Leelia: Can I ask you for a favour?
D3athBlad3: what is it?
Venmm: *chuckles*
D3athBlad3: venmm done something else now?
Venmm: *laughs* Yeah... everythings my fault D.
D3athBlad3: sure is
Leelia: The code that I got from you decodes the distress signal as expected
D3athBlad3: *chuckles*
Leelia: However, the coords are of little use for us
Leelia: We know for certain that ... *pauses and looks around* ... that the HvCFT Baltasar is moving
Jevex: how is everything going?
Gookin: Moving?
Leelia: Yes Gookin
D3athBlad3: impressive little ghost ship
Venmm: * laughs* Heh... seems someone got to your 'holy grail' before you, Captain...
D3athBlad3: damn king arthur...
Leelia: Who-- ... or WHATever is moving it seems to be unaware of the distress signal
Leelia: But there are too many interferences to locate the signal.
Leelia: So I thought of rebouncing it on the same frequency, implanting a viral attack in the now decrypted data layer of the signal.
Venmm: * mumbles to Verb* Next they'll tell us its deep in that shithole Zion and they want us to get it back. * smirks*
Leelia: We need to remotely access the ship's mainframe to gain access to the -real- navigation data and locate the ship
D3athBlad3: *mutters quietly* wish i had better hearing...
Leelia: ... and of course disable any weapon system that might still be working and shut down the main engines
Jevex: can you do it?
Leelia: So...
Reeverb: *chuckles* I have no reason to go there. Not for the ship, not for Zion. Leave it be.
Leelia: Actually, no.
Jevex: *looks at leelia with a bit of concern*
Leelia: But I didn't expect I would be able to.
Venmm: hnh.... you're going to hack a former CS ship? Sure thats wise?
Leelia: I want to ... convince ... the matrix to do this for me.
Jevex: *squints at Leelia through his glasses*
Leelia: *looks around*
Leelia: *dims her voice*
Venmm: * sighs*
Leelia: *frowns at the Glitch*
Venmm: Its never easy with you guys is it?
Leelia: Well, the computing cluster that runs the matrix is ... HUGE
TheTaxidermist: no, really?
Leelia: I am sure the machines wouldn't mind sparing a bit of their CPU resources to crack a former zionite hovercraftm, would they?
Reeverb: *whispers to Ven* Can't she wait a second.. before she blows the ship in pieces and you won't have your book?
Leelia: But we need to ... trick a little.
Leelia: However, I spare you the technical details... if for no other reason than to not tell too many secrets *winks*
Venmm: You know... messing with the very fabric of my home world is kinda... against my morals. * Slight snarl*
Jevex: but making your friends run your errands isn't?
Leelia: My handheld here... which is uplinked to the Onesimus' board computer ... says there are two major grid points that block my actions in this area
Leelia: -2045, -6 , -1024
Venmm: Nope. * wicked grin * And it never was Jev. trust me, if I could do it myself, I would have.
Jevex: *looks at Venn, a look of dissapointment on his face, then back to the ground*
Leelia: and -440,221,272
Venmm: The book would already be safe and sound, and I would have handed over the disk. * grins * Anything for a quiet life.
Leelia: Unfortunately not Ven
Leelia: The nodes there have to be hacked.
Leelia: I mean.. really hacked.
Venmm: * sighs *
D3athBlad3: baseball bat hacked?...
Venmm: Not this crap again.
Leelia: In addition to that, we have to be sure that the guards don't reactivate it before the grace period runs out
Jevex: so what do you propose?
Venmm: Who do you need killing. I'll leave the hacking to others.
D3athBlad3: *mutters* taking all the fun for yourself...
Leelia: ((mission task: grab someone... a stranger maybe Wink ... who has not hacked the nodes and get him the keys, bring him there, hack the node and come back))
D3athBlad3: ((lower level simus people?))
Venmm: (( what node??))
Leelia: It's probably best to do that in two teams
Leelia: ((also bring 5-10 tokens from the mobs around Razz ))
Venmm: *thumbs over his shoulder to his Pack mates* I've got my team right here.
Leelia: ((no d3ath... they are occupied))
D3athBlad3: ((oke...))
Reeverb: Damn..
Leelia: I need to adjust something on my ship. I should be back soon.
Reeverb: I don't want to hack the node. Takes away the risk of Downtown.
D3athBlad3: Lee... if i head to my ship... i can load our AI into the Matrix
Reeverb: *chuckles*
Leelia: If anythings unexpected comes across your way, don't hesitate to contact Zamp
D3athBlad3: that little bugger is quite the hacker
Leelia: if your AI can hack nodes, fine.
D3athBlad3: it sure can...
Venmm: * mutters* Like I said... never easy...
D3athBlad3: its going to need an escort tho... *looks to venmm*... you wanted to do some killing didnt you?
Jevex: (( ouch. I gotta go run some RL errands. I'll try to get back soon. pretend I'm looking for that book. :p ))
Leelia: ((yes, okay. Thanks Jevex))
Jevex: (( np. ))
Venmm: * grins* Who am I gonna be working for, Blade?
Leelia: ((afk 1 min))
D3athBlad3: your not going to be working for anyone... just escorting ScathEpy0n to the node
Leelia: ((b))
D3athBlad3: oke... ill get him loaded up... he will give you a call when hes in
Leelia: Okay, can I leave you alone then?
D3athBlad3: what are the co-ords again Lee?
Leelia: -2045, -6, -1034
Leelia: -440, 221, 272
Venmm: *nods* Sure... we going to be flying this one solo, or are your glitch buddies gonna take one on?))
Reeverb: and 440 22 272
Venmm: (( ignore the )) ))
d4sh: We're here for protection.
Leelia: Not sure, Glitch?
D3athBlad3: ok got that... have fun venmm
d4sh: We stay with Leelia.
Leelia: No d4sh, I will have to do recalibrating stuff on the ship
Leelia: That's why I need you
Venmm: * grins* See anyone that needs protectign around here, D4sh? Fine... life the work to the Wolves, as usual.
Leelia: So where are you heading to Venmm?
Gookin: Venmm be careful of what you say to my captain
Venmm: Boys? Get your fangs sharpened. Lets go get us some dinner.
Reeverb: *grins* Finally...some action.
Venmm: *chuckles* Still not quite used to my playful nature, huh, Gook?
Leelia: What we need is an individual that hacks the node and 10 tokens of the guarding programs around
McShy: Yeah im good to go..
Leelia: So where are you heading to Venmm?
Venmm: And Lee... I'll let you know when I do.
Venmm: Thats down to our "charge" Scatheyon... or whatever the hell its name is.
Leelia: *coughs*
Leelia: Will you be fine?
d4sh: We'll manage.
Leelia: Thanks
Leelia: See you later

We then started looking for bookmarks from the local Bookwyrm gang. during this search we found a bunch of E Pluribus Noobs hanging out on a rooftop.

Kontee: ranged damage
Kontee: e un non so che di affascinante
SEPET: sisi
microprocessore: o porc abbiamo ospiti
Cr0n0: e questi tizi flaggati che fanno qui?
SEPET: se lo dici tu
SEPET: indovina
Cr0n0: lol
Sharas: spettate che ci sono visite
SEPET: sembrano le sorelle bandiera
Kontee: che carini
Sharas: che vogliono sti tre gufi?
microprocessore: cambiamo zona?
SEPET: come volete
Raditz1: ci saremo prima noi
Sharas: lasciamo perdere se no
Cr0n0: Ok, per me va benissimo cambiare zona.
SEPET: venni vidi vici
microprocessore: what do you want?
d4sh: We heard about a small disturbance.
microprocessore: do you need this building?
Sharas: fan pure i furbi
K99: lolloni
SEPET: secondo me sono anche un po checche
d4sh: Just making sure no lines are crossed.
Procurator: I'm rather enjoying the sunshine.
Sharas: quello di sinistra conosco sua sorella
K99: non è quello affianco la sorella
microprocessore: is this building yours?
SEPET: nooo si prostituisce?
Sharas: fa delle gran bocche
d4sh: Aye.
Raditz1: vogliono la rissa
Procurator: The bulding's probably the property of either some company, or the MegaCity council.
Raditz1: dix4n non c'è?
microprocessore: we are no hostile
microprocessore: we did some pandora's
Sharas: lol
Sharas: some panettons
SEPET: some gianduiottos
Raditz1: LOL
d4sh: Just making sure. Stay out of trouble.
Procurator: Play nice, kids.
Raditz1: non scassate la minchia

Our task completed, we leapt back to the roof of the carpark.

Procurator: So, i was in the dinner queue in the Zero-One canteen the other day, and Rocky was like 'Dude, is this lemon chicken?' And the chef was like 'Nah man, it's beef.' So Rocky was like 'Fuck you,' and I was like 'I hate you.'
d4sh: *drumroll*
Procurator: (( Impromptu RP at its finest. Razz ))
Procurator: Does anyone else's uniform collar itch?
d4sh: At times.
d4sh: The coat is available without the collar though.
Procurator: Why do we all have to wear these ridiculous ties?
Procurator: My feet ache.
Adicia: Fellers
Adicia: You been up here all this time?
d4sh: Since a few minutes.
Procurator: Enjoying the view.
Adicia: You look hurt, Proc
d4sh: We came past some EPN Crusaders.
Procurator: Ooh, ta. Sorted my feet out, that did.
Adicia: The others will be coming. We had an altercation with some Mervs
Adicia: So what have you guys been uo to?
Adicia: up*
Ozzin: where is fangs?
Adicia: I called him. Said we had his book
Adicia: Sounds like he's held up his part of the bargain
Ozzin: ok good
Zampano: aha, here we are
Zampano: well glad we all made it back
Adicia: *gives Zamp the book*
Zampano: thank you *runs hand over the cover* very odd
Ozzin: whats up mate??
Zampano: don't know why Venmm would want this, doesn't seem too important
Adicia: You sure?
Zampano: just a book, no more no less
Zampano: ok, Venmm called, he's on his way back
Adicia: It was important enough to get a blue killed
Zampano: Cap, welcome back
Zampano: Venmm is returning now, we have the book
Zampano: wasn't too much troubke
Leelia: Hello. How's things?
Zampano: some whiny mervs got in the way
d4sh: We have the items you required.
Zampano: but dispatched him
Leelia: Thank you D4sh
Zampano: *holds up book* and here's Venmms payment
Adicia: Is that a blood-stain?
Leelia: Uh-hu?
Ozzin: you ok cap??
Leelia: I am fine, thanks Ozz
Ozzin: thanks to our friends here
Zampano: soon as venmm is here we can get started
Zampano: *smiles-
Leelia: Any idea when that will be?
Zampano: ooh, about now
Ozzin: about now i'd say
Leelia: Oh.. I guess ... close to now
Zampano: *chuckles*
d4sh: Any word on Jevex?
Leelia: No
Leelia: But we got his disk
Venmm: *cracks his neck, wiping his mouth on his sleave* Sorry folks... never was one much for table manners.
Zampano: Venmm *holds up a battered leather bound parchment*
Zampano: We got the book
Zampano: we had to.....hmm...persuade some of your friends to give it to us
Venmm: * grins * Never doubted it for a second... is the seal broken?
Zampano: not that I can tell
Zampano: *passes the book over with a trusting nod*
Leelia: And your part of the deal Ven?
Venmm: *smiles as he takes the book* I'm a lot of things, Zamp... but one of the few good ones is I'm a man of my word. ..
Ozzin: *nods in agreement*
Zampano: That too I never doubted Venmm
Zampano: *smiles*
Venmm: * examines the seal, distracted for a minute* Hmm? Ah.. yes... Verb... give Leelia our tags. We got hungry Lee... few extra in there.
Reeverb: *hands Lee some shiny badges*
Venmm: Death's AI took care of the node... we took care of the bangers.
Leelia: *takes silver badges*
Leelia: Thank you Venmm,
Zampano: ok, *marcus get the uplink going again, we should have all the codes soon*
Leelia: All set then...
Leelia: I am very curious now
Venmm: *smiles* You might need this too. * holds out the disk, still seemingly distracted by the leatherbound tomb*
Leelia: *inputs keys*
Leelia: Well, that worked.
Adicia: We got a location?
Venmm: *blinks once or twice*
Zampano: *Level 3 encryption Accessed*
Leelia: As said, the location is out of date
Adicia: Damnit...
Leelia: The Baltasar is moving... ...
Adicia: It's what?!
Ozzin: WHAT?
Leelia: *hacks*
Zampano: moving? hmm where to?
Leelia: It's moving... the location data is useful
Leelia: But I used the data layer of the now decrypted signal to bounce back a virus...
Leelia: and .... voilá!
Leelia: Here's the terminal prompt
Zampano: You sure thats safe cap?
Zampano: *frowns*
Leelia: *hands hovering over the keyboard*
Leelia: *smiles* This looks so familliar... look how it greats me with 'COMA SOLARIS.... Login required: _ '
Leelia: Anyway... *looks up*
Leelia: Now comes the ...eeky part
Leelia: *looks at Zamp and D3ath*
Leelia: Are we ready?
Adicia: ...eeky?
Zampano: ready?
Ozzin: i think the cap meant icky
Leelia: The path is clear, the nodes are still down... should work
D3athBlad3: *nods* ready for whatever happens
Leelia: *pulls out cubic item*
Leelia: 1
Zampano: -a red light begins flashing on the console-
Leelia: *ermm...*
Zampano: -followed by a second-
Zampano: Cap?
Leelia: You may want to take cover
Leelia: 2
Leelia: 3

Three Pandora's Boxes. Need I say more?

Venmm: * smiles* Oh joy...
Zampano: shiot the nodes are down!!!
Ozzin: what the fuck
jediken21: Oh my god....
Venmm: (( gah... ))
D3athBlad3: this is going to take some... trickary
Reeverb: (( lol ))
Ozzin: YAHOO
D3athBlad3: easy...
Procurator: Oh, goodness me...
Adicia: What the hell was that about?
Reeverb: Yeah, real piece of cake...
Venmm: *smirks* Ouch... my pride... * wicked chuckle*
d4sh: ((loot free? :-p))
Leelia: *returns to her computer*
Caillech: *sits down next to Venmm takes his hand and kisses it,* Hello love
Zampano: ((Take what you need))
Leelia: ((loot whatever you want))
Leelia: Zamp, you name it!
Leelia: Access granted... it worked!
Zampano: Excellent!
Ozzin: superb
Zampano: Can you tell where this security protocol came from though?
Leelia: *chuckles* hehe... the hovercraft Baltasar is shut down...
Leelia: And we got the location... actually, not far away from our position
Ozzin: good work cap
Leelia: *glances at Adicia*
Zampano: not far.....*frowns*
Zampano: There's only one place........
Zampano: *mutters* Only one place not far from us
Zampano: *to himself*
Venmm: About... oh... ten seconds before that all kicked off... *grins*
Leelia: *a smiles flashing over her face*
D3athBlad3: say something zamp?
Caillech: great timing that!
Zampano: oh no
Venmm: Hows about... gee, that was fun?
Zampano: *laughs*
Zampano: Yep that was it
Ozzin: yup. you said it
D3athBlad3: hey Caill
Caillech: ((or it war real and it was fun, but it wasn't real fun?))
Leelia: Congratulations, then Adicia...
Caillech: nice to see you Blade
Leelia: We found a ship for you ... -captain-
D3athBlad3: always a pleasure Caill
Adicia: *grins*
Adicia: Thanks, cap
Venmm: Leelia... next time you get the bright idea of 'tricking' the system... remind me to make sure I'm SOMEWHERE ELSE.
Ozzin: ((yahoo. blue writing again))
Caillech: Hello Verb, *smile*
Reeverb: Hiya ma'am.
Leelia: Why Ven... can't you take so much action?
Zampano: Gentleman, you witness the birth of the Veritas Lucis
Zampano: Truth of the Light
Caillech: Lee, *grin* Ven handles action just fine
Venmm: *smirks* I'm getting old, Lee...
Venmm: * chuckles*
D3athBlad3: well done guys...
Caillech: Congratulations
D3athBlad3: a fleet of your own... about time eh?
Ozzin: you said it mate. high time
d4sh: Fleet.. *chuckles*
D3athBlad3: close enough to a fleet
Procurator: It's a start, lad.
d4sh: You've worked hard enough for it.
Zampano: fleet, two whole ships dash...don't mock
Zampano: *chuckles*
d4sh: *smiles*
Venmm: And thank you... *pats the book by his side* I knew you guys still had your uses. *winks*
d4sh: You know what I mean.
Leelia: Thank you all for helping us aquiring a second ship
D3athBlad3: well zamp... you lot have more people than Novus
Zampano: now all we need to do is take over the world
Caillech: yes thank you
Zampano: *chuckles*
Adicia: MWuhahahahahahaha!
Ozzin: yeah. anyone else noticed that TGS seems to be involved in major happenings ont he simus??
Reeverb: Good luck with it. *smiles*
Zampano: its a conspiracy I tells ya
Leelia: Yes, Ozzin, I did *grins*
d4sh: We're everywhere *laughs*
Ozzin: *nods* thanks dash *smiles brightl;y*
Zampano: Maybe the Glitch want to merge with us *smiles*
Caillech: *covers her ears,* not another conspiracy nooooooooooo
Venmm: *smiles*
d4sh: *laughs* Merge... Funny people you are.
Adicia: Veritas Glucis Society
Zampano: *winks*
d4sh: It was I that offered a merge once... The thought is nice.
Ozzin: *laughs*
Procurator: Yowzer...
Zampano: *nods* And the offer was very much appreciated Dash
Zampano: WEll thank you gentleman
Venmm: Well, ladies and gents... keep your noses clean for a while... I'm off to go find something to... *glances at his ringing phone, and sighs* ah... hells bells.... Why can't you fleshies just learn to get along? * snickers*
Zampano: and ladies
Zampano: ((byzantine story will be up in ....5 mins, will take a few hours to read Razz))
Ozzin: see ya round ven.
Venmm: *nods* Take care folks.
Adicia: ((Thanks for participating. It is appreciated))
d4sh: Take care. And stay out of our way *winks*
Leelia: ((hope we didn't bore you too much))
D3athBlad3: take care venmm
Procurator: (( We survived. Wink ))
D3athBlad3: now now ladies... lets all just get along
Venmm: *smiles* Not a damn chance d4sh...
Leelia: Bye Ven... *nods at the book under his arm* And have a good time on the toilet *winks*
D3athBlad3: *chuckles*
Venmm: *grins* Yeah yeah...
Adicia: ((Gotta love the German turn of phrase))
Ozzin: ((zee germans have a great sense of humour *winks at carsten*))
Leelia: ((turn of phrase?))
d4sh: ((lol and now turring shows up))
D3athBlad3: ((lol ozz))
Venmm: We got it back, you got your ship, everyones happy.
D3athBlad3: ((geez... about time))
Caillech: ((Greman sense of humor? *scratches her head?*
Leelia: Win-win... I guess that's what they call it Ven
Venmm: Doesn't happen often though, does it Lee? Folks. . . i'll be seein you.
d4sh: *nods*
D3athBlad3: *give a small wave to venmm as he leaves*
Caillech: goodbye all, sorry I arrived to late to be much help
Ozzin: take care
D3athBlad3: later Caill
Leelia: Thanks for coming Caillech
Reeverb: Ladies, gentlemen...I'm out. Good business and again, good luck with the new fleet.
Caillech: call whenever Lee,
Ozzin: thans verb. take it easy
Reeverb: *nods as he jumps away*
d4sh: Turring whispers>Good Afternoon D4sh, how are you doing today? I take it the Machine meeting went well?
d4sh: *feels like sharing*
D3athBlad3: awwww
Procurator: Heh.
Zampano: *chuckles* At least he cares
D3athBlad3: d4sh whispers>I dress in womens clothes on weekends... *feels like sharing to))
d4sh: whisper to Turring>We tried to get in touch with you. Shame you couldn't make it.
d4sh: lol
Leelia: Turring whispers>Congratulations on your new faction.
d4sh: ./ooc
Leelia: *so did I*
d4sh: Turring whispers>I wanted to be there, but issues in the Real kept me from attending.
d4sh: blablabla
d4sh: Very Happy
Zampano: Anyway guys, you never congratulated dash
Zampano: Ol Grandmaster dash now
D3athBlad3: i did Very Happy
Procurator: d4sh, a little proper conduct, please. *Winks.*
Zampano: *smiles*
Leelia: WHOA!
Ozzin: oh yeah. congrats old man *grins*
Procurator: Indeed. Our illustrious leader finally reaches a decent level!
Leelia: Congratulations, d4sh... thought you'd never make it
Zampano: slow and steady wins the race proc
D3athBlad3: d4sh wins!
D3athBlad3: grats!
Ozzin: ok peeps. TTFN.
Procurator: Not really. I made it there first. *Grins.*
Zampano: unless its a race od speed
d4sh: Awww guys :-p
Zampano: *chuckles*
Zampano: we're off for a drink, you're welcome to join us
D3athBlad3: *persk up a bit* drink?
D3athBlad3: perks*
d4sh: As long as it's ooc. :-p I'm too tired to focus lol
Zampano: *shrugs* Can do that
d4sh: It's 3am here.
Zampano: its 2, (really 1) here
Zampano: Ok Jade club
Zampano: Jurong
Procurator: Ah, my favourite.
D3athBlad3: ((DST sux0rs))
Zampano: we'll toss the commission out if thet are there
D3athBlad3: yay!

d4sh and I relocated to Club Jade. I was the first to the bar.

Adicia: Turring is coming over for a couple of celebratory drinks. Welcome to hang around
Adicia: And thanks
D3athBlad3: put the work "drink" into any sentence and im interested
Adicia: *laughs*
D3athBlad3: so what are you doing up here? the bar is downstairs
Adicia: More seats up here. Figured we could use a sit down after tonight
Procurator: Yes! Down here, y'all!
Zampano: she's a bit simple
D3athBlad3: tsk tsk
Zampano: whisky, large
D3athBlad3: *winks at the barmaid* hey beautifull... one whiskey for me please
D3athBlad3: *lowers his bandana... raises his bandana* to the Veritas Lucis!
D3athBlad3: raises his glass*
Adicia: Cheers
Procurator: Cheers!
Leelia: *grabs a glass*
D3athBlad3: ((damn... i need sleep))
Trexor: cheers
Adicia: ((Join the club))
Zampano: anything good on the radio Proc?
Leelia: ((sleep is for the weak. YOU should know))
Procurator: Good to have another faction join the ranks of the Machinists. Gray and company will be most pleased.
Adicia: Hey d4sh
d4sh: *nods*
D3athBlad3: ((yeah true... but if i cant type good anymore its usually time for a couple of hours))
d4sh: Will Turring attend?
Zampano: even though we have the same amount of people as we did when we had a ship?
Procurator: I'm afraid our operator hasn't hooked me up on the radio tonight. I'll have a check...
Procurator: A faction is a matter of status. Heheh.
Leelia: Well, Zamp. A new ship offers new possibilities
Zampano: *chuckles* Agents easily impressed by fancy names
Leelia: It sure makes a difference
D3athBlad3: who cares... new faction... new possibilities
Leelia: That sounds like something to raise your glasses to (upon?))
Zampano: ((brb, need a smoke))
Leelia: *holds out glass to clink it with someone*
d4sh: *walks over*
Leelia: *smiles*
Leelia: Cheers D4sh
Adicia: I think Turring's on his way
Procurator: Excellent. Haven't had a chance to meet the man in person.
d4sh: I've been in touch with him the whole time. Figured I could talk here too.
Leelia: Thanks for being with the Onesimus in another history hour
Adicia: *cough* And the Baltasar
d4sh: *nods* Naturally.
d4sh: *smiles*
Leelia: Certainly.
Procurator: Something to go in the Glitch records. Now that I'm Chief Archivist and all. *Adjusts jacket, self-importantly.*
d4sh: This doesn't change a thing. We are still available when needed. As I'm sure is vice versa.
Trexor: ((afk))
Leelia: The Baltasar didn't leave Zion before, did it? *winks*
D3athBlad3: same goes for NT... even tho we only have 4 active members
Adicia: How should I know? You're the one who hacked the records. What did happen anyway?
Turring: Greetings all
d4sh: (*ahem* we still have some seats left at TGS, death Very Happy)
Leelia: 4? You're dropping like flies... are they... you know... ?
d4sh: Evenin' Turring.
Zampano: ((reminds me, we need a proper website now))
D3athBlad3: greetings Turring
Leelia: Turring
Procurator: Glad to finally meet you, Turring.
Zampano: Evening turring
Turring: Leelia congradulations on your new faction
Leelia: Thank you Turring
Turring: Hello Death, D4sh and everyone else
D3athBlad3: ((thanks d4sh... maybe somethign to discuss whenever... but i doubt we will want to merge right now... maybe some other time))
Leelia: Though it's not really -my- faction
Zampano: *opens pda* This code of yours, quite an....Enigma *smiles*
d4sh: ((Who knows.. Not right now *smiles* too...night-ish Wink)
Turring: Yes it is, isn't it... I heard you are close to cracking it...
D3athBlad3: ((true true))
Adicia: We're working on it...
Zampano: We've been working on it, close but still away
Leelia: It might interest you that certain files of your database are accessible without proper privileges
Leelia: Maybe this has been done intentionally, but maybe not
Turring: Oh really? I know there was an issue with the challenges, but that has been fixed as far as I know.
D3athBlad3: thats wear we put all the info on the drunken parties to give the impression that we are just party animals and not a threat
Leelia: Ah... okay.
Leelia: I think I meant the challenges, yes
Zampano: Ah, evening Sykin
d4sh: *nods* Sykin..
Turring: I forgot to set the secure access on those and thought I fixed it a week or so ago. If it is still accessable, let me know.
Leelia: Sykin... now that is a surprise
Turring: Hello Sykin.
Procurator: Alrigh', lad?
Sykin: Good evening, Machinists.
Adicia: Don't mind him, Turring
Zampano: *chuckles*
Leelia: Er.. pardon Adicia? Turring, please do *smiles*
Sykin: So this is Turring? It's a pleasure to see you again, Adicia.
Leelia: He's a friend
Zampano: No, He maybe a Zionite but he's not a chimp like most of them
Zampano: *smiles*
Turring: That is good to hear
Procurator: Heh, quite right.
Sykin: *Grins* Gray always finds interesting people to work for him.
d4sh: A good man, simply joined the wrong side *winks*
Sykin: Oh no, d4sh, make no mistake... The Machines were who I turned to first.
D3athBlad3: *glances to d4sh* you never stop being in your recruiting mode do you?
Zampano: he's been around
Leelia: *laughs at D3's comment*
d4sh: Never.
Procurator: *Laughs.* We're always looking for... the right people.
D3athBlad3: *chuckles*
d4sh: It was you who eventually made the mistake, Sykin. *grins*
Adicia: Not if we find 'em first, right Trex?
Trexor: of course
Sykin: So what has been... Happening as of late with you all?
Procurator: Oh-ho! Is that a challenge?
Sykin: I've been hearing about a new faction.
d4sh: ((I HIT LEVEL 50!! *ahem*))
D3athBlad3: ((haha)0
Procurator: (( Do be silent. Razz ))
Sykin: (Good man, d4sh! Hehe)
Zampano: well, we are celebrating actually Sykin
Sykin: Really?
Zampano: We just restructured our ranks into a new faction.....Veritas Lucis
Adicia: *hands Skyin a card reading: HvCft Baltasar of the Veritas Lucis fleet. Captain - Adicia*
Leelia: *joins Zamp and the ladies behind the counter*
Zampano: *smiles* A Twist on an old idea
Zampano: You got those made up fast Ad!
Trexor: you making drinks back there Zamp?
Sykin: Veritas Lucis... Truth of the Light?
Zampano: Exactly *smiles*
Trexor: ((lol..ty))
Zampano: now thats why he ain't a chimp
Zampano: *grins* Sure, drinks all round
Sykin: Hah. I guess the sunrise was not truthful enough, hmm? *Grins*
Procurator: Not big on Latin, myself. Uh, though I realise the irony of having a name like mine...
Trexor: i'll take a Makers Mark on the rocks please sir
D3athBlad3: another whiskey for me please ma'am *winks to Lee*
Zampano: Wouldn't feel right using the old name
Adicia: Light has 53% more truth than sunrise
Leelia: *makes D3 a whisky*
Zampano: the OV may rise again, but now is not the time
Adicia: *eyes widen*
Leelia: here you are D3ath
Zampano: Turring, drink?
D3athBlad3: thanks ma'am...
Sykin: Just because you've never seen the sun doesn't mean you have to not believe in it... Besides, our perception of light is different according to who you talk to.
D3athBlad3: zamp... werent you listening?
Turring: Just a soda please.
Zampano: My perception of light is much different
Adicia: On business, Turring?
Zampano: *smiles*
Sykin: Wouldn't you agree, Zampano?
Turring: No, mostly cause I like the strong stuff too much. Had to give up in college.
Zampano: however there is one universal truth to light, that is that it follows a law, or set of laws, which give it an unerring truth
Ozzin: hey guys
Adicia: *laughs* ok
Adicia: Welcome back, Ozz
Ozzin: sorry about that.. zamp. one of the good ones please mate
Trexor: hey Ozz
Zampano: White light is the purest truth that could exist
Leelia: A college that didn't really exist, Mr. Turring *smiles and pours him a scotch*
D3athBlad3: *mutters into his glass as he takes a sip* philosiphy... why do they have to talk about that now
Zampano: and that coming from a blindman
Sykin: If the Light can be called lawful, or pure.
Zampano: *smiles*
Leelia: *slides it o'er the counter*
Sykin: Ah, hello, Ozzin!
Zampano: it follows rules, laws if you will
Ozzin: well hello turring. how are things. i just actually returned from operational training and system updates at Zero One
Adicia: Now you're talking like a Mech
Ozzin: hey sykin, good to see you man
Ozzin: *grabs jack*
Zampano: ((now we could get into the arguement that Oriens Veritas is actually meaningless in grammatical latin))
Turring: I know it did exist, but somethings stay with you and I know it's not really alcohol I am drink, but the though of it brings up way too many memories of praying to porclein god.
Leelia: Ozzin *looks shocked* Did you just grab Turring's glass? Ah no.. nevermind
Sykin: True, it follows the rules; it has a system of operation and control. But you could say that it murders the dark, too...
D3athBlad3: ((oh please for the love of god dont))
Sykin: (Heh)
Zampano: murders? no, for darkness and light are symbiotic
Ozzin: ((hey. NO OOC))
Zampano: neither can exist without the other
D3athBlad3: ((yes ma'am *salutes*))
D3athBlad3: ((Razz))
Ozzin: no that was my drink actually. so dont worry. man it is good to have a faction again
Sykin: Neither would exist if humanity did not give them names first, my friend. Think on that.
Zampano: In that case what would exist, I fear we are treading down a long arguement here on reality
Sykin: Anyways... Give me a shot of anything, I don't have any preferences.
Ozzin: do i hear chicken and eggs being mentioned again. *sighs* cant we just have a drink for a change
d4sh: Ladies, gentlemen.. It is time to take my leave.
Zampano: so shall we just drink
Adicia: Hey Turring, a few of us were wondering how you jack in. Are you based in 01 or do you have a ship at broadcast depth?
Zampano: *chuckles*
d4sh: *finishes his drink*
d4sh: Good night. *nods*
D3athBlad3: yeah... ive already lost the conversation... i better go as well
Leelia: Yes it is Ozzin, my beloved first mate *smiles and points with her glass at him before taking a sip*
Sykin: Farewell, d4sh. Congratulations.
Ozzin: night dash
Procurator: H'mm, I'm afraid this philosophy is a little over my head. Light is a form of transmitted energy, interpreted by our brains differently from other EM waves.
Zampano: laters dash
Turring: I am based off a hovercraft.
Turring: Nice seeing you again D4sh
Leelia: Good night d4sh
Zampano: we'll talk philosophy another time Sykin, I like a good debate *smiles*
Adicia: Ah, I see
Sykin: So you are a program or an operative, Turring?
Sykin: Indeed, Zampano. Indeed. Good evening, Grimte.
Zampano: He is human Sykin, not like Difference Engine
Sykin: Ah, very good.
Turring: Yes, I am human like you all.
Sykin: A mind of his own, then. I like that.
Procurator: Useful, I guess.
Grimte: Phew.. good, someone noticed me.. was beging to think i left my invisiblity belt on, again.
D3athBlad3: who said that?
Grimte: err.. begining, rather*
Zampano: *smiles* The problem with DifferenceEngine was that he had a mind of his own...or of someone else maybe
Adicia: *laughs*
Ozzin: *whispers to adi* by the way. congratulations again. well done
Adicia: Thanks Oz
Sykin: So the Reclaiming Scientists are hard at work, I trust?
Turring: The problem with DifferenceEngine orginally was a crappy personality AI... Jeez
Grimte: Reclaiming?
Sykin: Still finding a way to restore the sky...
Leelia: Will work even harder now *nods at Adicia*
Zampano: as always, we're reclaiming the baltasar
Zampano: *chuckles*
Adicia: Ah DE, bless him. He did love his hardline dancing...
D3athBlad3: *laughs*
Zampano: and his rocawear
Ozzin: yeah thats two very wrong things about him alone
Sykin: Hmm... I never truly got to meet him, Difference Engine.
Procurator: Never met him. Sounded like I'm luckier than many.
Leelia: DE was a disgrace... if you don't me saying this.
Ozzin: dont hold back captain.
Leelia: Rocawear Hardline dancing... he was some liaison
Turring: It was an AI that was supposed to imprint people around him into a gesalt personality. Well, that doesn't work well.
Grimte: I never really met him until he was infected..
D3athBlad3: he was a laugh half the time
Adicia: I liked the guy. Then the whole Smith thing happened. That wasn't so good
Sykin: Well, sounds like he wanted to grab the attention of the population we regrettably chose to free, doesn't he?
Zampano: Indeed, it was the people he met that made him what he was
D3athBlad3: he hung around Mara a bit too much then
Ozzin: ahh. everything is working again
Sykin: Can't live without their iPods and brand name clothes.
Zampano: nor can i
Adicia: It's good to have a human to liase with
Zampano: *chuckles*
D3athBlad3: Sykin... you mean you dont have an iPod?
Zampano: *laughs* Its the redpills accessory of choice this season
Sykin: Hrmph. If I would have anything, I would pick up one of those nifty looking Playstation Portables.
Turring: Yeah, i have to agree. I understand you guys more than that piece of crap program ever could and I can explain the peculiarities of humans to them.
Leelia: And the last season's, too
D3athBlad3: *chuckles* never leave home without it
Adicia: *makes a note to see if The Rat can salvage an iPod*
Zampano: forget the FM-900s or the Bradley Sniper rifles, Ipod s all you need
Procurator: H'mm, think I'll head off as well. Turring, I may havea couple of things for you, but I need to check my logs on the Aggregator first. I'll let you know.
Procurator: Everyone, been an eventful evening. Congratulations to you again!
Ozzin: *laughs* you have just been ipodded
Grimte: wow.. that was a disturbingly human statement.
Turring: Ok Procurator, you know how to get ahold me...
Procurator: Catch ya later, dudes.
Ozzin: take care procurator
D3athBlad3: later Proc
Sykin: Farewell, Procurator. I hear you will make a broadcast soon. Hope it goes well.
Zampano: later proc
Adicia: Bye, Proc
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 27, 2006 9:55 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

*falls asleep reading and remembering the awful RP*

You always say just what everyone else is thinking don't you? - Pixelmad
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 29, 2006 9:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

good holy mother of god thats big.....*nods in agreeance with gook*
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 29, 2006 10:12 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

What this log fails to convey is the horribly massive amounts of time it took to actually get on with the "good" stuff, relative though that may be.

Yes, it's long, but it's a 100 meter sprint compared to the thing itself.

I'm bored just thinking about it.
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 30, 2006 6:37 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well, put it this way. I was standing there for over an hour dong jack shit before I finally decided enough was enough and went to bed. God knows how much longer it went on after that.
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 30, 2006 7:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

can anyone summarize this in lets say 2 sentences? Shocked

'Like... Dude... What the hell...' - d4sh
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 30, 2006 11:27 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

They made a new faction.
We were there.

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 30, 2006 3:27 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

They tried to make a new faction.
It dragged on, and on, and on, and on, and on ...
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 30, 2008 1:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

*coughs* You guys didn't knew I could access this? I am sure my replying to this thread made for a few embarrassing moments Wink Not really, at least Proc and d4sh told me/us shortly after event how it was from their point of view.

d4sh wrote:
Some may consider it a nice read, although very long. Smile

I sure did, 'cause I didn't have this chat log, so thanks. And another (belated) sorry for boredom. If I was mean I could say everyone gets the RP he/she deserves Wink but I am not. It's hard to pull an actual RP-event within the limited mechanics of a computer game, even more so if this computer game is MxO. It was hard work - but this is not an excuse that we possibly made a little too much advertisement for this. And el oh el: also I didn't know all of you knew the outcome of the event from its very beginning.

In any event, was good to have that recap after 2 years. Despite everything: good times, good times....

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 30, 2008 3:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Heh. Man, this happened ages ago. I can't quite remember what I or anyone else said (no, I'm not going to read the log again Razz), but I think it was before we'd adjusted to RP so our expectations and attitudes were a little... underdeveloped. Wink
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