Log Formatting

This tool will take a standard Matrix log file and format it for publication on forums or Web pages. Paste the logs into the box below, set the options and hit the Format button. However, please bare the tool’s limitations (listed near the bottom of the page) in mind, and look to the bottom of the page for help using the form.

This system will not record anything you submit. If you do not trust it, however, please contact Procurator and he will provide you with a stand-alone version of the system which you can install on your own site.


Channel Include? Primary?
Area shout

Names Colour Line?


  • This will remove all date/time information from the logs. I may provide options for formatting date/time information in the future;
  • You can process a maximum of 250,000 characters at a time (roughly 250KiB);
  • The chat log must be raw, ie all the dates, channel labels ([Team], etc) and names intact;
  • Empty lines will be removed, even if they’re part of a speech;
  • /tells sent after Update 45 will be correctly identified as outbound and will appear as ‘To Character’. Prior to Update 45 it was impossible to determine if a /tell was outbound or inbound. This was a limitation of the Matrix chat log format and not this tool, but bare it in mind;
  • Pre-SOE /tells (like from Character@TheMatrixOnline.Com) did not contain any server information, so they will appear as local in the output from this tool;
  • Messages from other games are not supported. They will appear to be to/from SOE+Game+Server+Character;
  • You cannot select area shouts to be the primary channel;
  • The BBcode type uses [i] for italics, [b] for bold and [color=] for colour. If your forum uses different tags, you’ll have to run your own search & replace on the output from this tool;
  • Faction broadcasts (not the same as faction chat) are not properly formatted yet – I’ve never witnessed one myself, so don’t know what it looks like in the log file.

How to Use the Form

It’s easy: just paste the logs you want to format into the big box at the top and hit the Format button. The default options should be fine, but their meanings are explained below so you can customise the output.

Type of mark-up
Select the type of formatting you’re after. Choose ‘Forum BBCode’ if you intend to post the logs to a forum like phpBB. Choose ‘DN1’ if you’re posting on the Data Node 1 forums (they only allow <font> tags for colours). Choose ‘X/HTML’ if you’re posting them on a Web page (this will use <span> tags for colours).
Add line breaks?
This will add HTML line breaks to the output. This is only necessary if you’re posting the logs on a Web site, as forums will generally add the line breaks themselves.
By default, /tells will maintain server information. So a /tell from Procurator on Syntax would be Syntax.Procurator. Selecting a server makes /tells from that server appear without the server name – so just Procurator in our example. Just like in-game.
Special formatting for [System] (if included)?
If this box is checked (and you’re including lines from the System channel in the output), it will format System lines like ‘actions’.
Ie ‘[System] You shake Person’s hand’
becomes ‘*You shake Person’s hand*’.
This isn’t appropriate for all System lines, but it’s better than nothing.
Tick the boxes in this column for all channels you want to appear in the output. Anything left unticked will be removed. Good for removing secret faction chat which you don’t want the world to see.
You can select one channel to be the ‘default’ channel. This will have its channel label (like [Area]) removed.
Keep chat formatting?
Ticking this box preserves any formatting already in the logs (like {i} for italics).
The logger’s name
Enter the name of the person who recorded the log (probably you). If the logger’s name is assigned a colour in the Names & Colour table, all outbound /tells will be subject to those colour rules.
Override chat colours with custom colours?
If this box is ticked then any colours already in the log (using the {c=######} code) will be ignored on lines using one of the colours defined in this form (see below options). Obviously only has an effect if Keep chat formatting? is enabled and Line? is enabled.
Names & Colour
You can highlight a bunch of names (or lines containing those names – see the option below) in a different colour. You can use up to four colours. Type in the names of the people you want to highlight in the box on the left (comma-separated), and the corresponding colour in the box on the right. Choose a colour which will work in the place you will be posting the formatted log (ideally use hex values like #334455 for X/HTML and words like red for BBcode). This is useful for highlighting faction members, prominent characters and enemies.
Tick these boxes if you want to highlight the entire line belonging to the names in the list with the specified colour. Otherwise only the name will be highlighted.


If you see this box, please inform the Chief Archivist, quoting the error messages below and the URL to the page you were accessing.

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