Contact the Faction

The Glitch Society is open to all the usual forms of communication. If you want to get in touch regarding inter-faction alliances you’d best make a post over at the External Communications forum, and if you’re asking about joining us just use the application form.


To get in touch with the faction leader, d4sh, e-mail

For queries about this Data Repository, e-mail Procurator at


The best place to find us is in our HQ in Richland. You’ll often find a representative of the faction hanging around the usual operative haunts in MegaCity, such as Mara Central, Tabor Park West and Sai Kung Central. If you can’t find anyone there, try sending a /tell to a faction captain or d4sh. We’ll be happy to put you in touch with the right person.


This is probably the best place to get in touch with the faction, as the forums are always populated by someone. They can be found at


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