About the Faction

The Glitch Society is one of the first factions formed since the establishment of the Truce. Founded by operatives who saw a far greater purpose in serving the Machine Civilisation rather than Zion or choosing the route of selfishness, it was welcomed by the Machines. Over the following months the few members of TGS found favour with the Machines and were rewarded with superior hovercraft and communications technology. As their numbers grew, so did the number of hovercraft in the faction.

The faction’s main goals are to help the Machines keep the Matrix a stable and happy place for those humans wishing to remain inside. This includes keeping the awakened ones free from harm from the likes of the Cypherites and other dangerous organisations.

TGS is part of an alliance of fellow Machinist factions, who work together to see that nothing terrible happens to the Matrix or the Truce. The Glitch Society, whatever its feelings towards people of questionable allegiance, are honourable and stick to their agreements, rewarding loyalty where appropriate.

A Real-Life Perspective

The Glitch Society was founded on the Method server simply yonks ago. With the inclusion of players from the EU and the addition of two new servers to the fold an instance was created on the non-hostile Output server. In August 2005 the great server merge caused the Output instance to move to the Syntax server, where it remains to this day. This and the ascension of a new faction leader paved the way for a new era in The Glitch Society’s history.

The merge into Syntax brought players from the heavily roleplayer-laden Linenoise server, and the faction decided to take a more active stance in this concept. Crews were organised (including one devoted to Player versus Player combat, for those active members with a penchant for combat) and a new recruitment system was put in place.

TGS has a reputation for being an honourable, polite and friendly faction. At the current time, The Glitch Society is actively seeking members willing to participate in RP and make the Matrix a better place.


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